Game Over? – Ten Films Based On Video Games

    • Nick Diaz

      Very well written but boy oh boy do I not agree with a couple of those. Double Dragon? Super Mario Bros.? C’MON MAN! lmao, but it was a good read though. Good job!

    • KrishnaN

      wreck it Ralph was pretty good, imo

      • Al Simmons

        Yes it was. Unfortunately, along with Tron, and The Last Starfighter, it didn’t start out as a video game first, so it couldn’t make the list.

    • mcbride.christopherjoshua

      I found it funny that you said “D.O.A: Dead or Alive”, because a series called “Good Bad Flicks” had an episode about it. The series also reviewed “Doom”, “Silent Hill”, “Super Mario Bros: The Movie”, and other video game based movies. Personally, I thought the “D.OA: Dead or Alive” was alright. I am not into action films, but I have had an interest in hand-to-hand combat. Also, I like “Super Mario Bros: The Movie” in the almost the same way I like “Batman and Robin”. Yes, “Batman and Robin” is horrible, but I can still laugh at it, and it and “Batman Forever” were the two Batman films I watched the most as I child, so I feel some nostalgia while watching them.

      DOA Dead or Alive Movie Review – Good Bad Flicks

      • Al Simmons

        I listen to Cecil’s podcasts often. He offers some good arguments on why some “bad” movies are not really that bad.

        I was going to plug him for some of my choices since he already did reviews on them, so I am glad someone else did.

        Eric Roberts more or less made D.O.A. for me. He is one of the best cheesy villains ever. Funny thing is, he’s been tapped as a villain in other films and T.V. shows as well.

      • mcbride.christopherjoshua

        I meant to link the other video game movie reviews, but I guess the comment section cannot allow multiple links in one. As far as bad movies in general, I can enjoy the famous ones, like the video game based ones, and the two I mentioned, as well as some other comic book adaptations. I will always love the live action “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Trilogy, but I will never watch the 2014 film.

    • dbcooperkg

      Good read dude. Keep it up.