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How It All Started

How It All Started

It all began with an ending. When Korey’s former website was finally shut down by its owners, a strong community demanded that he keep things going. With the encouragement of friends Martin Thomas (friends for over 20 years!) and Brian Brushwood, Korey started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $30,000. Certain that people would scoff at such a high amount he was already making plans to leave the country. By the end of the month the campaign raised $30,000. Development on started immediately.

At first it was just Korey and Martin doing shows together in a bedroom. As things grew they acquired more cast members and eventually could afford a studio. Years later they now have a full team and a roster of shows that entertain their audience almost every day of the week.

Meet The Cast

Korey Coleman


An animator and illustrator who found performing in front of a camera to be just as fun, Korey is crass, loud, and shares more about his personal life than the average person (perhaps a little too much). But it’s only because he feels close to the community that supports what he and the crew do on Doubletoasted. People try to nail him down with often contrasting labels (sexist, liberal, a Marvel bitch fanboy) but he tries to approach every show with a fair, detailed point of view. Very passionate about presentation and keeping his audience entertained, he always remembers to keep a good sense of humor during a discussion.

Martin Thomas


Martin has answered to many names: “Leon”, “Cat Daddy”, “Punmaster General”…

But mostly he’s known as the ‘old man’ of DT.

Martin has been co-hosting shows with Korey for the last 20 years, all the way back to the days of Access TV with ‘The Reel Deal’ – then – and now Double Toasted.

Martin is now most recognized for his quick quips (bad puns), flashy (“unique”) style of dressing, and his wisdom (considerable age).

Oz Green


Oswald “OZ” Greene, is a Big Time New Yorker sometime artist, all the time chill, proud husband and proud father with the catch phrase that would become the name of the show, was a long time listener of Korey and Martin’s numerous podcasts and shows. After quickly becoming friends Oz and Korey would share numerous stories of foolishness and tomfoolery whether it was personal or global. Going on for hours over the phone like school kids. Now with so much foolishness in the world going on it only made sense that Korey and Oz (mostly Korey) would create a show talking all about it. “What Up Son?!” It’s not only a greeting, it’s a question for the world.


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