B-rod Reviews: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend

Go, go crazy Japanese game. Well actually BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma isn’t that crazy of a game as it is a ridiculous title. This is the third game in the series and the first I have played. Hello gaming internet B-rod here with one of those wacky reviews that I don’t think will be very long because well fighting games don’t take a lot to explain honestly. I’ll let you all know I didn’t spend more than 8 hours with this game so if I missed something I do apologize if I missed some detail, or gameplay element. 

This is a fighting game with an actual story. Some may argue that Street Fighter or Tekken has a story, but I mean it has a story mode like Mortal Kombat. Unlike Mortal Kombat this games story doesn’t feature much in the realm of gameplay. I played it for over an hour and I didn’t fight once. This bugged me because I was enjoying the story I was told, but I want to play a game not just watch still characters talk to each other while it tells me that action happened. The story is complex and cool, and if this was an anime I would definitely watch it, which says a lot because I typically do not care for anime. If what I say isn’t an issue for you then the story mode is something to check out, from what I saw it was fairly compelling with some weird as fuck characters. 

The games looks good. The character design is cool and interesting Japanese. There is weird stupid Japanese that has characters with dumb as fuck hair and zippers everywhere and interesting Japanese where it has that shit but it looks cool. The game does have some female characters that are a bit over sexualized and they do some fan service but nothing extreme. The game is a colorful cartoony 2D fighting game which is a nice change in pace from the 3D that has been the hoopla for a while. The voice acting isn’t bad. Unlike most anime style of games this ones voice acting didn’t get on my nerves. It had the over acting and characters who had the world’s most annoying voice, but it wasn’t bad at all nor that irritating. 

The gameplay is a fairly well balanced fighting game. They had an interesting counter mechanic in it where it will stop a combo and allow the opponent to do one. The game didn’t have anything special to it in the way of originality it the fighting. This felt much like an old school Street Fighter with a little more flashy lights. The characters weren’t the most unique in the fighting styles; sure there were obvious differences but nothing that popped out to me. The game has a large cast of character to play with and in arcade mode they kinda get a smaller more contained story which I thought was cool. There were other game modes I didn’t touch, but that tells me for fighting fans there is enough to this game to keep fighting game fans happy. 

Overall this was a fun very stress free fighting game. It has a interesting story as long as you don’t mind a ton of talking with old style of fighting game mechanics that brings me back to the Sega Genesis. I enjoyed this game quite a bit but not enough to buy it. If you rent this game you’ll have a fun weekend, but unless you know this series and enjoy it then I see no reason to ever own it. I give this a 3.5/5. Well gaming community I of course leave with a question. Who has played the first two games? Seriously I’ve never heard of this series before this game.