B-rod Reviews: Lego Lord of the Rings

Lego Lord of the Rings is what I would’ve loved at eight years of age. You take Lord of the Rings which I loved and you add Legos and you have some good ole child crack. Hello gamers B-rod here again, but with an older game. In 2012 Lego Lord of the Rings graced us with its presents. This is probably my favorite Lego game to come out because of my love for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So lets get into my little love note to Travellers Tales.

The story is literally the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Much like every other Lego game out there this game takes the movies and makes it silly and cute for the kids. You start from the very beginning of Fellowship with the fall of Sauron to the end with the destruction of the Ring. That is seriously about all I can say about the story to this game. 

The game looks great seeing your favorite Lotr characters become Legos, or even seeing the Lego versions of iconic areas such as Helm’s Deep or the tower of Orthanc. The game is a semi-open world where you can explore and find new characters or hidden golden bricks, but for the most part it is a straight shot to the next area. The thing that makes me laugh is the distance between areas. You can make it from Helm’s Deep to Isengard in less than 30 seconds. I love that because it makes it feel as if this is more of a playset and not a actual land. I the games sound is taken straight from the movie itself. I do still find it odd that some scenes that are clearly a serious scene are all goofed up for the sake of Lego. The other voice acting from the side mission characters is just plain bad. It reminds me of when you get a bunch of people to actually role play in D&D. They are trying so hard to say things from the movie. An example is one guy wants a mithril shovel and I am thinking, “uhh dude mithril is quite extreme for a shovel why not just steel exactly?”. Regardless of that this game is able to mash up the movie dialog beautifully within the scene. 

The game plays like a Lego game. When you have this many games in a series it is hard to find new ways to explain the gameplay. I do enjoy the big cinematic scenes they have you do like playing as Eowyn fighting in the Pelennor Fields on horseback is a helluva a lot of fun. The side missions are busy work that if you were a kid would do to extend the game but as adults there is no reason to waste your time with it. Each character has his or her use, but I feel like Travelers Tales loved the ever living shit out of Sam. About half of the puzzles you need him to be able to solve them. Some how he can build a fire, but the ranger Aragorn can’t seem the figure it out. That is is just me nitpicking a childrens game. You get a good nine hours of game just with the story alone that right there is a great price. 

Overall this game is great for fans of Lord of the Rings and fans of the Lego games. I am personally a fan of both and have played through this game many, many times.  I really do just have some mindless fun with it. I would definitely suggest people to buy this game especially if you want to get your kid into Lord of the Rings. I give it a 4.5/5. I leave with a question as one must. Will Traveller’s Tale ever run out of franchises to make into Legos?