Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So I can honestly say I’m blown away by the BvS DoJ trailer. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Initial impressions after watching (for the third time) is of sheer excitement. I compare this almost to the excitement of seeing that first Iron Man trailer. Just the overwhelming excitement of seeing something coming together, at least initially in a way you never would’ve thought could happen. I mean come on, prior to 2008 no one in main stream society really cared about Iron Man.  But EVERYONE cares about Batman and Superman. In that order. Followed of course by Spider-Man. There was a time where we thought we would never see these characters fleshed out on the big screen. Forced to settle for “grounded” real incarnations of lower tier characters, ie. Blade (although a great initial and follow up movie) and the X-men (black leather suits, “oh c’mon”). That’s why Iron man was so successful. It looked like Iron man. 

Back to the trailer. I believe the premise to be this. It will focus on Superman who gets controlled by Lex Luther somehow and he’s unleashed out on the world. How can I tell? It’s weird but he has a pissed look in his eyes throughout the entire trailer. Most notably during his fight scenes with Bats. Of corse Lex doesn’t need a reason but cinematically I can’t place my finger on his motivation. The reference to the Joker “tagged” Robin costum helps flesh out the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Also it was pretty cool to see the interaction between Batman and Wonder Woman. Let’s not forget the EW article, that showed the leaked photos a picture of Bruce and Dania having a very Bond-like moment very similar to the Bruce and Thalia scene from TDKR. I’m no movie aficionado but this trailer makes the movie look promising. I can’t wait. Also great nod to Damian Wayne. 
Way to go DC take your place back on top of the “comic book character world” and take your seat at the throne. 
Thanks for the read guys. Any constructive criticism appreciated.