Daily Lives of High School Boys Review (2012)

One thing “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou”, or “Daily Lives of High School Boys” taught me is that high school boys acting silly is a universal occurrence. If you’ve ever been a part of a tight-knit group of friends while growing up, then DLoHSB is something you should watch. It’s an atypical Shouen anime that revels in the camaraderie, trivial conflicts, and the general antics one engages in as an immature young male.

DLoHSB is a comedy that follows a group of friends as they simply live their lives. That’s it. It’s serialized in the least possible way; every episode consists of a series of short, comedic vignettes that may or may not be revisited as the series progresses. So those looking for an overarching narrative that begins in the first episode and satisfyingly concludes in the final episode might want to look elsewhere. What DLoHSB does offer is an abundance of laughter. As we all know, comedy is subjective, so whether or not this anime works for you depends largely on how funny you find the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

The anime introduces a plethora of characters, but the main group consists of Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake. The three of them are childhood friends, all of whom attend the same all-boys academy. Even though the anime makes you think Tadakuni is the main character, it focuses on Hidenori a lot more. Left and right, the anime constantly subverts your expectations, and more often than not, it plays a huge factor in making the comedic elements work. These guys mess around every chance they get; sometimes they stop their walk home to engage in some LARP, other times they wear the underwear of Tadakuni’s little sister. And don’t think for a second that Tadakuni has a little sister complex or that the other two are just depraved little boys. He doesn’t and they aren’t, they’re just crazy like that.

The segment that involves them wearing underwear is called, “High School Boys and Skirts”. Every segment has the same “High School Boys and X” naming scheme, in which one or all three of them comment or interact with something or someone (so many “ORs”!). However, it’s not always the three of them – boys from their school’s student council get in on the action, too. But make no mistake; every segment is from a male perspective. Although that’s not entirely true, because most of the episodes are post-scripted with a female-centric short called “High School Girls are Funky”. Basically they’re saying, “Girls are equally crazy and immature!”, and after watching them, they’re absolutely right. 

The structure of the episodes makes them go past quick. If you didn’t find a particular segment funny, odds are you’ll find the next one hilarious. A lot of them were absurd, but they all have a recognizable honesty to them. While the absurd moments were funny in and of themselves, I found myself laughing the most during those “it’s so true” moments. Moments like awkwardly trying to sound cool in front of a girl, or being emasculated by your older sister. Even if the humor didn’t work, I still found something relatable about the situation. It’s easy to see everything not humorously hitting its mark for everyone, but when it does, it’s painfully funny. I could easily watch an entire series dedicated to “High School Boy and Literary Girl.”

DLoHSB is animated fairly well, and its animation definitely helps to accentuate the comedic moments. Usually at the punch-line of a joke, backgrounds and character reactions are exaggerated to drive home the point. However, what I found most interesting from an artistic perspective is that the majority of females characters lack eyes. It could be because we’re seeing them from the perspective of the Hidenori & co., and the only girls with eyes are the ones they identify with the most, such as Yassan (Literary Girl). Or, it could be because girls are icky! Whatever the case, I liked their decision to go that route, as it makes the series unique.

As previously mentioned, DLoHSB doesn’t have a series-long plot to resolve, yet at the end, you do get a sense of closure. Despite all the mindless shenanigans, you feel as if the characters learned a valuable lesson they’ll eventually apply going forward. DLoHSB is primarily aimed towards males, but everyone should be able to find something identifiable about it – either as the victim or the offender in one of its many comedy shorts. So, male or female, if you like subversive, self-aware comedy with funny and likable characters, then, yeah, watch this!


  • Often hilarious
  • The humor is innocent 
  • Not one unlikable character


  • Sometimes the humor is hit & miss
  • Doesn’t really have a story

Final Score: 8

    • Danny olivares

      if you like that may i suggest “ouran highschool host club” its a reverse harem that’s actually really funny it too though has some misses.

      • Detective Trap

        I’ve heard of it. I might watch a few episodes, but I doubt I have time to watch the entire series, considering everything else that’s on my plate.

    • Safir

      I can’t remember the exact name, Cromatie High (I think). It was a an old anime about high school delinquents living out high school lives. I actually enjoyed that show, this on that same level of humour?

      • Detective Trap

        I looked it up and it’s only 10 min per episode, which definitely makes it more likely that I’ll try to complete it. The art kind of reminds me of Great Teacher Onizuka.

    • Danny olivares

      i know im not the person you were asking but….i was planning on doing that. korey was suppose to have me on the call in show to talk about it. but until i get to that review or if the detective gets his …..i highly recommend you check that out especially if your a fan of body horror.

    • Detective Trap

      I agree with Danny but you don’t have to wait for a review to watch this. I’ve seen all 18 episodes that have aired and it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s one of the best anime to debut last year. It has gore, cool deaths, dark humor, and a capable protagonist. It also poses a lot of good questions like what makes humans different from animals in the eyes of an apex predator. That sort of stuff… Furthermore, there’s a lot cat & mouse games between the MC and other parasites that are extremely suspenseful. And because no character is safe, there’s an element of uncertainty whenever someone encounters a parasite. Overall, I think you should definitely watch it, especially if you’ve already seen Tokyo Ghoul. If so, then you’d be happy to know Parasyte explores the MC’s psyche in a similar way.

    • Danny olivares

      tokyo ghoul is a must watch. i might never do a review of that cause the less you know, the more the first episode will make an impact. that’s my anime crack