B-rod Reviews: Devil May Cry Special Edition

Oh HD remastered games where’d we be without you? This year I truly believe that Capcom was testing to see which people enjoyed more. DMC or the original Devil May Cry franchise. I previously reviewed the remastered DMC game, and I loved it. I do enjoy the reboot. Playing Devil May Cry 4 Remastered or whatever the fuck they call it seems a bit lacking in the content area.  Where are my manors? Hello gamer B-rod here your demon hunting, duster coat wearing gaming reviewer to talk about my opinion on Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. 

Devil May Cry 4 has a story that has two characters Dante everyone’s favorite badass quipping demon killing Son of Sparta, and Nero no ones favorite whiny complaining little girly man who cares about this chick who I think said a grand total of five words in the game. This game reminds me so much of Metal Gear Solid 2 with showing fans Dante, and having him present but ultimately having this kinda annoying character be the main focus. The story is about a good 4-6 hours long with some obvious twist and interesting villains. My problem with Nero is not that he can be whiny or has some bad dialog, but in the fact they make him act too much like Dante. Fans of the series all love Dante and in my opinion if you are going to make a game with a new character we don’t need another Dante. For fucks sake his design is so close to Dante you could fool people saying that they are related. The story is crazy fun with its anime style of dialog and villains that monologue to death. (literally) Let us be honest who comes to Devil May Cry for the story? Quite a few actually myself included, but still everyone is clearly into…the graphics.

Like the transition? Me neither; yet that is how my reviews are structured so yeah. The game looks better than the 360, PS3 version, but not by much. I say it is because it didn’t have much to improve on honestly. The only thing they did was make the colors pop more, which for a stylized game like this it is all you really need to do. The game sound is exactly what I said before anime as fuck. The game has always had corny dialog fans of the PS2 games can appreciate that. I personally love the soundtrack to this game. I have no clue what they call the music they play but this industrial fast paced metal music sounds fucking awesome while you are hacking demons to bits. I always loved how this game has a M rating when it is very tame on the blood factor. Yes there is blood, and a couple of bad no, no words but nothing that in my opinion counts for a M rating. 

The gameplay however is Devil May Cry. For those who may not be aware it is a fast paced hack n slash with timing based combos and no blocking. The fighting is varied enough with the enemies that when they mix up the enemies it brings a new feeling to the fighting. I love how each character feels different. Dante plays how you’d expect very focused on sword, gun and just weapon play. Nero combat is more focused on his demon arm which does cool ass shit with a simple press of the circle button. Vergil who is a playable character now is primarily sword based, and Trish and Lady are mainly gun based combat. The thing that makes me sad while Vergil, Trish and Lady are playable characters you just go through the story without cutscenes. I would really have had hoped for a individualized story even if it was only two hours apiece just to make it seem a bit more worth the 24 dollars. The games biggest and well known sin is the second half of the game is just the first half backwards. That is a huge disappointment and a real cheat, I didn’t lose too much enjoyment out of my experience. 

Overall to the folks who are huge Devil May Cry fans who plays that shit on the hardest difficulty well this game is for you. If you play every character,  level them up all the way while on the hardest difficulty you have a good 20 hour game. Of course hardcore DMC player you already own it, but what about the casual Devil May Cry fans or non-fans? I’d  say wait, you aren’t missing anything special see if it becomes a free game with PS Plus or Live, or if it becomes a disk definitely rent this game it is fun enough for a rental. I have a hard time recommending non-hardcore fans to own this because the game has little replay value to it. I give it a 3/5. I leave with a question I personally have. Is Capcom going to make a DMC 2 or Devil May Cry 5?