Game Over? – Ten Films Based On Video Games


Movies based on comic books are the popular thing today. However with the
release of the movie Pixels (as well as the upcoming Hitman film), I wanted to
bring up another genre that was/is trying to grow legs, with mixed results.
Movies based on video games might be making a comeback (again)!

In researching for this list, I found there were a lot more made than I
originally thought, so Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Resident Evil, will
not be on the list (since they are more commonly known). Finally, even though
there are many animated or CGI films based on video games (sorry Final Fantasy),
I am going to cover the live action movies here.

So sit back, relax, and share with me, ten films based on video games.


What list such as this could not have the NES classic on it? Starring the
late Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo, this film gets a lot flack for being
terrible. Personally, I think that for all that some find wrong with it, there
were a lot of things it got right, and it sported many video game references to
boot. Also, Dennis Hopper’s (may he R.I.P.) performance as King Koopa, managed to slip in some subtle dinosaur like mannerisms.



Almost everyone knows about the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat films.
Around the same time though, there was another movie based on a popular beat’em
up called Double Dragon. It was campy and cheesy, but I found it mildly
entertaining. Also you have the lovely Alyssa Milano in those short shorts to
die for, but I digress. Although the movie didn’t really follow the plot (or
lack of one) of the game, in a rare instance a later Double Dragon game would
contain elements from this film.



Noted as one of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s earlier outings, Doom was based
on the first person shooter of the same name. This movie got a bad rap, mostly
due to the plot moving away from the whole portal to Hell theme. The movie does
sport a cool FPV moment as a nod to the game.



Let’s face it. I don’t even think this film can qualify as a good bad flick.
But, the movie based on the classic fighter, does have a few things in its
corner. Some of the fight scenes can be somewhat enjoyable. Also Eric Roberts
absolutely chews the scenery in this film. The one problem I have is, Hulk and
Brooke Hogan should have played Bass and Tina for obvious reasons.



How can a film based on a fighting game with Ray Park in it, be an utter
disappointment? Welcome to the King of Fighters. This movie had elements that
could have made it good, but fell short. Although it tries to make up for those
short comings in the end, the problem is the movie is almost over by then.



Starring Mark Wahlberg, Max Payne attempted to bring the game of the same
name to life. Although many found it bad for being a loose adaption of the plot
of the game, I found it to be visually stunning, and thought they hit the “drug
induced” trip right on the mark (no pun intended). Too bad the game that was
known for its “bullet time” effects, were played out by the time the film hit



Silent Hill (and its sequel Revelation) in my opinion, were two films that
were underrated. While they may not have captured the same feel as the games
with most people, I thought it had an eerie tone, and those nurses were creepy
as hell. Love them or hate them, I think they deserve a viewing, if you haven’t
seen them. Also, Silent Hill gets points with me for filming in a town that
actually snows ash.

If you want to make this a “trilogy” of sorts, I would suggest watching a
film called Dark Floors. I got that Silent Hill feeling while watching
it, and consider it a spiritual sequel in my personal head cannon.

Trailer (Silent Hill):

Trailer (Dark Floors):


Tekken is one of those games that has seen films in animated and CGI forms,
as well as live action. For this list, I am talking about the live action
version (and its sequel). While again, they don’t stick totally to the game,
they do a hell of a lot better than KOF. Also, they do have some good (if few)
fight scenes.

Additionally if you can find it, check out The Avenging Fist.
Although they make it a point to state it is not a Tekken movie in the end
credits, one has to wonder.

Trailer (Tekken):

Trailer (The Avenging Fist):


Many fans dreams came true, when Tomb Raider came to film. That is until
many of them actually saw it (and the sequel). Although many people do not give
these films credit, they at least got the casting right with Angelina Jolie.
Also, the film did help to get Jolie and her estranged father John Voight to work



Remember earlier when I said there were more video game films than I thought
out there? Well this guy is partly the reason why. I wanted to cover them here
as one, because if I picked individual movies, they would have comprised half
of the list (or the whole list, there are that many).

My top picks of them would be:


HITMAN – Trailer:

BLOOD RAYNE – Trailer:

The rest (Alone In The Dark, Postal, Far Cry, etc.) I would consider
honorable (or dishonorable) mentions.

Well that is my list. A few other honorable (or dishonorable) mentions would
be Wing Commander, Prince of Persia, and Need For Speed.

    • Nick Diaz

      Very well written but boy oh boy do I not agree with a couple of those. Double Dragon? Super Mario Bros.? C’MON MAN! lmao, but it was a good read though. Good job!

    • KrishnaN

      wreck it Ralph was pretty good, imo

      • Al Simmons

        Yes it was. Unfortunately, along with Tron, and The Last Starfighter, it didn’t start out as a video game first, so it couldn’t make the list.

    • mcbride.christopherjoshua

      I found it funny that you said “D.O.A: Dead or Alive”, because a series called “Good Bad Flicks” had an episode about it. The series also reviewed “Doom”, “Silent Hill”, “Super Mario Bros: The Movie”, and other video game based movies. Personally, I thought the “D.OA: Dead or Alive” was alright. I am not into action films, but I have had an interest in hand-to-hand combat. Also, I like “Super Mario Bros: The Movie” in the almost the same way I like “Batman and Robin”. Yes, “Batman and Robin” is horrible, but I can still laugh at it, and it and “Batman Forever” were the two Batman films I watched the most as I child, so I feel some nostalgia while watching them.

      DOA Dead or Alive Movie Review – Good Bad Flicks

      • Al Simmons

        I listen to Cecil’s podcasts often. He offers some good arguments on why some “bad” movies are not really that bad.

        I was going to plug him for some of my choices since he already did reviews on them, so I am glad someone else did.

        Eric Roberts more or less made D.O.A. for me. He is one of the best cheesy villains ever. Funny thing is, he’s been tapped as a villain in other films and T.V. shows as well.

      • mcbride.christopherjoshua

        I meant to link the other video game movie reviews, but I guess the comment section cannot allow multiple links in one. As far as bad movies in general, I can enjoy the famous ones, like the video game based ones, and the two I mentioned, as well as some other comic book adaptations. I will always love the live action “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Trilogy, but I will never watch the 2014 film.

    • dbcooperkg

      Good read dude. Keep it up.