Posted on January 1, 2017 by Double Toasted

Due to New Year’s Day we’re all taking a break, so no Sunday Service. As much as I would love to get in front of a camera and tell you about our crazy New Year’s eve adventures the crew, understandably, is using this time to spend with family and friends – or a bottle of Advil and a steady flow of water.

Before today, though, they asked me “Are we doing a show today?” Which means at least one of the guys was willing, on a holiday, to take time from their family and friends – or struggle through their hangover – to entertain you. One of the team is actually editing video on this day. And you’re always there to support us whenever put ourselves out there.

So I’d simply like to say I appreciate everyone’s dedication and support. You’ve made 2016 a great year for us. I’m looking forward to 2017 with you all. And keep checking here. You never know when a show might just pop up…