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    @danielle1 Oh that’s right I remember the question where you chose Neil for President. If you want a book to read oh his, my favorite is “Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries”. But his podcast “Star Talk” is really the best thing he does in my opinion.
    Yes Brain Games is a great show. If you like psychology and stuff like that one of my favorite podcast (besides DT of course) is “Skeptics Guide to the Universe”. They go through a lot of things like Brain Games does and I think you’ll enjoy that.
    Space-time is my favorite subject as well. I think since you’re interested in that, you’ll also find dark matter and the field of cosmology interesting. Stephen Hawking actually has a great book that was the reason I became interested in physics in the first placed called “A Brief History of Time”, it’s one of my favorite books. There is some great youtube videos if you type in “Stephen Hawking documentaries” on youtube. Brian Greene is great too and has youtube channel called “World Science Festival”. He also has good documentaries.

    I don’t want to type to many sugestions out lol but I hope you like what I suggested.

  • Damar Fulmore posted an update

    @danielle1 – You’re very beautiful and hot. Also, love your personality on the show.

  • Justin Perea posted a new activity comment

    @danielle1 sorry I didn’t realize I spelled your name incorrectly. I’ve always been bad at spelling your name, “Michelle”, and “Michael” lol.
    But it still isn’t evolutionary advantageous to be attracted to the same sex. Ejaculation isn’t the only factor especially when talking about female homosexuality.

  • Leslie posted an update

    @danielle1 – hello pretty lady hows things going in your world

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