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July 1, 2014


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    @doubletoasted – please MFs talk about this trailer!!!

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    @doubletoasted – I think I found a spammer “Putlocker Movies”

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    @doubletoasted – Add a Spam button in the future if possible Old man Coleman….

  • gunsandships posted a new activity comment


    @doubletoasted In the review for Unfriended you said that the girl jumping off the building and walking into traffic is NOT in the movie. I saw this at a special screening back in February here in LA with the Blumhouse producers (ended up sitting next to Jason Blum actually) with a Q&A feedback after. Laura’s suicide jumping off the building is actually the opening scene and Adam waking into traffic and getting hit by a car is his death scene in this early version. During the Q&A, there were actual complaints that about that opening scene and some were upset that the shooting in the head scene from the trailer was not in the movie. The version we saw was not the final cut and apparently they took out/changed those two scenes (at least). Adam getting hit by a car was one of the better deaths in the movie, so it’s surprising they took that out. @toastedtommy was right when he said those two scenes seemed the best in the movie. Maybe they will be included on the DVD or alternate versions

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    @doubletoasted Hey guys, I’m still having trouble posting blogs. I ticked “save and publish” but when I finish, it stays in my “drafts” folder. Any ideas?

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