July 8, 1991


Marietta, GA


Big fan of The Walking Dead. I love making artwork for The Walking Dead and the Resident Evil games. You can check out some of my work on I go by Jevangood there.

All Time Best Movies

Sunshine 28 Days Later Captain America: The Winter Soldier Dawn of the Dead (04) Guardians of the Galaxy Captain America: Civil War

Place I've Traveled

Texas. Delaware. Jamaica. Florida. South Carolina.

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  • Anthony Wilson Jr posted an update

    @jevangood – Greetings Justin. Ok…I am contacting you on behave of the Midnight Chat Attack team. I was wondering if we could work together on a few projects for the MCA. I have seen your work around the Double Toasted website and I was wondering if we could showcase it on a bigger scale. Contact me or Private message me if you are interested in my offer. Also, perhaps we could get you on the MCA one time and you can hang with us.

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