January 10

The Weekly Roast and Toast – 1-10-17

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

January 10

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    • stukevius shoto

      Thank you guys..someone has to defend MMA #MMAMATTERS

    • CptPeanutButter

      Thank You Korey,

      For addressing my concerns with the site and with future events. But just to be clear, for you or anyone else. I refuse, to give anyone else on D.T. crew a “break”. Just because I love what yall do with the site. Doesn’t mean I will sit here, and say every show “Better than Sex”.

      Lastly, for anyone who has a problem with my criticism. Don’t forget Korey, invited criticism for the site. I will always deliver on it, and you should too.

    • ironarmor

      Is the chat not loading for anyone else?

    • CptPeanutButter

      The camera on Korey looks so much better tonite

    • Danielle

      Omg when Martin wants to talk about soulja boy and damn chris brown hahahah

    • Wayne

      “Drive into this meat”

      Girts always has great lines. Weekly Roast is at its best these days.

    • datcrud

      Korey has been triggered by Meryl Streep it seems.

    • thomasearlva

      I like MMA, more than boxing, but it’s not a true story telling art, it’s a physical art. If we devalue the performing arts (movies, plays, musicals, etc from school level to industry, then yes, it’s a tremendous challenge and loss culturally). We will always have sports, though one may not be American’s passtime as it use to as new/different/exotic ones come and go), but legacy often comes in your cultural artifacts…. All of this can coexist, should, and must, she overstepped in words used but not the intent . . or as others recently said, go with what’s in heart, not her words :)

    • thomasearlva

      And conservative Hollywood can play just as elitist in others view, usually though in political company vs with itself. Quite a few of the actors fawning over Trump have a STFU message to others, or talking to chairs, it just doesn’t get the same news play. Scott Baio easily triggered.

    • Ginny L.

      Oh my god, I didn’t know that it was Patrick who did the Joker voice from that short film way back when!! Now I’m swooning by his singing voice, too. Terrific job :)

    • thomasearlva

      She can, it was her allotted time and if no one from the show came onstage to stop her at their venue, she not only had her rights but no legal barring. Should she, that’s a different thing. Whether talking about the environment, politics, a rad party, the plight of indiginous peoples, animal rights, or such, what’s said in that time allotted is permissible by the venue not playing you off, contractual rights if applied, and freedom to speak within that venues allowance.

The Weekly Roast & Toast

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