January 11

The Movie Review Extravaganza! – 1-11-17

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

January 11

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    • Shogun of DT

      Damn you arent gonna review sleepless

    • Adrianne

      Can’t wait you hear what you guys think about Live By Night and Patriots Day. I’ve been trying to decided which of those two movies to see on Friday.

    • Van

      Where the fuck is MONSTER TRUCKS?

    • Wesley

      I’m predicting there’s no screener for Monster Trucks which means they’ll have to see it some other time

    • CptPeanutButter

      Lmao everyone had a “Wtf face” with Sam. When he started talking about the Asian guy.

    • CptPeanutButter

      I guess Sam going to deliver another shit review on Friday. His review tonite went from alright to shit. Ray at least brought up some points. Sam just started ranting after awhile because he thinks he’s funny.

      They are laughing with you, but at you Samantha.

      • The Mexcellence

        Nah, but cant wait for you to tune in Friday to see me! <3

      • CptPeanutButter

        I’m watching for every right reason except you. Just stay on your cringeworthy show. So that way, We can avoid your bad jokes at a minimum Samantha. Do that and stay in the background where you belong. Because you’re about as interesting as bowling championship.

      • Naruto

        Sammy go back to the swamp you fat hippopotamus

      • Ambitious988

        Hey I’m not the biggest Sammy fan, but there’s no need to get personal. He’s doing a job and getting better. His last show was dope.

    • Lowkey

      Does Korey and Martin ever read these comments? I want to give you guys some constructive criticism.How come Double Toasted never collaborates with other well known Youtube channels? Several sites have tried to contact you guys to get you on the show and you guys just ignore them. Awhile ago, I mentioned Screen Junkies wanted to visit the studio while SXSW was on and there was no response. Yes, a site with over 5 million subscribers and a huge fanbase was willing to come to the studio giving you guys alot of exposure and you would’ve had a chance to meet them.I recently found out that the Schmoes Know have tried to get you guys on their show for several years. NO RESPONSE…I’m baffled as to why? I’ve seen several Youtube sites appear on other shows. Everyone from Nostalgia Critic to Chris Stuckmann have all been each others shows. Martin even follows the Schmoes so he’s obviously a fan! So what’s the problem? You guys seem to be happy just be a niche site and be reluctant to go alittle more mainstream. Just having Korey and Kristian Harloff meet would be a dream come true. Hell, you guys would fit right in with Mark Ellis humor! Come on guys branch out abit!! Reach out to Kristian and tell him you would be more than willing to come on their show. Maybe if enough Double Toasted fans annoy you enough, you guys will do it.

      • Kevin King

        Did they mention these things on Twitter or something?

      • TheJuggernaut

        I would love to see them on movie fights

      • Danielle

        this is comical to me.

      • M.J

        But danielle, is it true?

      • Kevin King

        I just saw that tweet from Harloff. Korey has said in the past that he doesn’t want to gain fame from people who are more popular than him/his website. I think he’s just reluctant, that’s all.

      • Martin Thomas

        I could show you my Inbox and DM’s and there won’t be a single message from Schmoes Knows, Screen Junkies, or Kristian Harloff in them. Our studio is open to anybody who wants to come sit in on a show.

      • Lowkey

        Hi Martin!

        OK fair enough…It might’ve been a more general request via Double Toasted on Twitter…I’m not sure. My comments are in response to a fan on Twitter asking Kristian Harloff. That’s all I know….;-)

        The ONLY difference (Before this turns into a huge misunderstanding) is I wasn’t attacking you or Korey. I apologise if it was construed that way. :-)…Schmoes Know and Screen Junkies often invite people on their show – alot of times publicly via Twitter and more often than not, the person would respond and/or appear on their show. In the case of Schmoes Know, They wanted you to go on their show. Taking into account DT very rarely appear anywhere I (perhaps wrongly) assumed you guys are reluctant to do so. I personally posted Andy Signore’s tweet to me. Do you know if anybody from DT replied?

        As a fan, I guess if I’m to be honest, it’s disappointing to see other guests like Andre, ETC. Jeremy Jahns, Elijah Wood etc appear on their shows but never you guys, and when you hear, they’ve been trying it makes you think you’re not willing. But that’s an assumption on my part and I apologise. You guys are hilarious and I want other channels to give you some attention. Hope we see you on either show soon…It’s outta love Martin!!

      • Lowkey

        Kevin King. Yeah. A fan on Twitter asked Kristian Harloff to invite them on the show. He replied “Been trying for years”….

    • Wayne

      When Darth Vader delivered the line about choking on aspirations, I applauded.

      Y’all are just haters. I like it when Vader has a personality.

    • Doc Sportello

      I love how Coleman embellishes in the conflict between Sammy and Ray xD

      Evil as fuck

    • Justin Perea

      Sammy is a bit sensitive, no?

    • Crayolablack

      This is why you should just unsub from this shithole. They put an idiot like Sammy on the show who has ZERO talent.

      Sammy is worse than Trump.

    • Vill Walle

      When you gotta give your tenant a role on your show in order for them to pay rent… Sammy is fine off air but on air he’s tries way too hard to be a standout. His reviews are bad, he can’t help but try and make one liners, he just yells on a mic for no fucking reason. He strongly believes the hate he gets is just people jealous of him but its not. Goodwin and Girts were both fans before being regulars and aren’t as disparaged as Sammy, why? because they don’t try to be something they’re not. Even Ray gave a good review and sounded more on par with Goodwin and Girts. Sammy is just one level above Denise and that’s nothing to be proud of. Keep Sammy on his low view show and review movies no one cares about anymore.

    • datcrud

      Don’t let Ray review movies please.

      • Justin Perea

        I thought Ray did pretty well actually. He likes movies the other members of the show don’t so I think it would be cool to have him review more.

    • Floorwax

      I like hearing Ray review movies.

    • RaidenR2

      Ray actually gave a pretty great review I quite enjoyed hearing his thoughts, but Sammy……holy shit keep that guy away from the show lmao

    • bertolopez777

      Sammy just needs to know how to phrase what he’s saying better and not take things so personal. He needs to remember this is a comedy show and attacking people without them being in on the joke comes of as the opposite of comedy and just makes viewing it cringe worthy. Oh well, reminds me of the lockout review.

    • kanthan931

      he knows a lot of the construction of film, he just hasnt watched old films, i think he does a very solid job

    • Damian

      I’m coming for you Sammy

    • pegasus

      great job, ray.
      …again its nice to see other cast members do the bulk of the review.

    • Ryan

      Didn’t mind Sammy’s review. He’s new to it so you can’t expect him to be as good as the others. Didn’t like him saying who cares about the people getting their legs blown off and fuck Boston, but oh well

    • kesiamonteith

      I came here to say I laughed my ass off at the Patriots Day review. Don’t care what NO ONE says around here, please have Ray and Sammy do a review together again, that shit was hilarious. :D

    • George Petrie

      Sammy, what the fuck were you on when you reviewed Patriots Day?! Seriously!

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