January 2

The Casual Call In Show – 1-2-17

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The Casual Call In Show

January 2

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    • CptPeanutButter

      The first show of the year better be dope Coleman.

    • plutoae

      holy shit goodwin got the sticks yeah buddy

    • Gene

      Danielle in Double Escorted.

    • J-Kidd

      When you have movies like Yoga Hosers , nothings that bad lol. Thanks

    • Paradox

      This show was really good. Can we get this same group of host every week?

    • Steven

      Good stuff. Goodwin has come a long way.

    • Steven

      Danielle, those stories were incredible! I haven’t had that much fun listening in a while. Sad to think they would not have been told if Coleman was hosting.

    • Anthony Gordon

      “I’m a PIMP BABY!” lmaoo

    • Rebecca

      Amazing start to 2017, DT crew! This was a truly great show. :-)

    • Danielle

      Thanks for the support guys! Getting tons of GREAT feedback! Im so glad yall enjoyed the show. Thats what its allll about!!! Happy New Year Toasties!! oxoxoxox

    • gbaspfan2000

      Best show of 2017! Really digging the cast mix-up!

    • Caleb

      This was a solid show guys! Great way to bring in the year!

    • Chris McAllister

      I’m commenting because Danielle told me to ☺

    • Ginny L.

      I always love it when Goodwin takes the reins on the Casual Call In Show! It was a blast for me when it was with him, Tommy, Ray, and Shea before. Now, it’s as enjoyable with this cast right here.

    • Chris McAllister

      Furthermore, I would like to add that I enjoyed the show. And I totally didn’t add this comment because Danielle told me to

    • pgirts

      I also enjoyed this show. And I’m only posting this comment because I told me to.

    • COOP

      any body know where the drunk show is?

    • Adrianne

      It was great seeing Goodwin host the Call In Show again :) All of you did an amazing job. I laughed my ass off several times.

    • Adith

      I have to say, I enjoy this a lot more than usual and it’s probably because everyone got the chance to talk. I love Korey but every show is him talking 95% of the time.

    • datcrud

      Great show!

    • Ladyplf

      I really loved this show. Danielle is a jewel. She needs her own show. Her stories are already legendary.

    • Wayne

      Awesome show today, folks. Goodwin moderated well and Danielle quoting Call of Duty gave me a good laugh.

    • Floorwax

      This was one of the best shows in ages.

    • Dirtbag Daryl

      god damn danielle stole this episode

      funny shit

    • bertolopez777

      I really like the dynamic between Korey Goodwin and Martin. And I really love how they equal time to talk. Not that I don’t like Korey Coleman but sometimes he seems to monopolize the conversation or make fun of the rest of the crew so much it just makes it feel lop sided. This is a lot more even if terms of everyone participating.

    • GoodOl'Eric

      GREAT SHOW everyone.that was fun. I’m glad I decided to watch

    • theboogieman

      This was the best Casual Call-in Show in ages, a great combination of people on this episode. Everyone on the show worked together really well I thought, making a great dynamic. It came across that everyone on the show enjoyed doing this episode too.

    • Justin Perea

      If this was the regular Monday crew that would be amazing. Or even alternating the Koreys as host.

    • Naruto

      Amazing show

    • Reese

      Oh my god I work for Cutco as well when I was fresh outta high school and looking for a job. That shit was terrible but damn those knives were good. Wished I ket my kit.

    • Doc Sportello

      Ultimate irony: I watched this episode while I was at work…I work at Target.

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