January 8

The Sunday Service – 1-8-17

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The Sunday Service

January 8

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    • InfiniteMega

      Hey Whorey, are you still being the racist piece of shit that I last saw? Are you still spreading lies about Trump? Do you still want Trump dead? Did you finally realize how much of a piece of shit Obama truly is as he’s trying to cause war with Russia to fuck things up for Trump? Did you finally realize that Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a terrorist organization after the kidnapping of a white man in that video?


      • Bryce

        Stop talking about political shit and just go back to regular trolling

      • Bryce

        I agree with Korey being Biased about Drumpf but what the fuck does BLM have to do with the kidnapping video? Just because it’s black people in the video what the fuck does it have to do with BLM? They didnt even mention BLM in the video so why are people coming to conclusions that the suspects are a part of BLM, it’s funny how much people hate BLM anything bad that happens is connnected to BLM right away. Can’t tell if you are trolling or not, but I basically just wasted 1 minute of my life, oh well. Your comment will probably get deleted anyway.

    • Cuddly Influence

      I ROFL’ed hard at this show.

    • Cuddly Influence

      Right now it’s very cold, and rainy in Japan. Cloudy skies makes everything grey.

    • Cuddly Influence

      BBW – Big Black Woman, or Big Beautiful Woman?

    • boblebob

      do not want a sports superbowl show instead of a sunday service.
      id rather have a sunday service and incorporate some talk about funny superbowl moments/ adverts etc

    • thomasearlva

      Will the new site have a block user/hide comments feature Korey?

      Also, again, music has drowns out the hosts while it’s playing and they are talking.

    • CptPeanutButter

      Korey looks sooo wash out, or maybe he is just ashy or something.

    • Kadeem The Dream

      Not a big fan of the new camera, colors look too strong in some areas too washed in others, but if they like it, then whatevs.

    • pegasus

      these worst of’s make me wish goodwin and martin would get more screen time during actual reviews.

    • datcrud

      sports show is pointless

    • Ryan

      Don’t like the new cameras. Noticed it on Martin’s side a couple shows ago and thought it looks really washed out

    • jnet

      Hey, Tadanobu Asano is the Interpreter not the Grand Inquisitor in Silence. Asano is the actor who was in the movie Ichi the Killer. He was called the “Japanese Johnny Depp” – like when Johnny Depp still had some credibility, before he went bat shit crazy and started wearing prosthetics, masks, and over the top costumes in all his movies. Great, entertaining review of the movie. You all are so funny.

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