January 9

The Casual Call In Show – 1-9-17

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The Casual Call In Show

January 9

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    • CptPeanutButter

      I have a few Questions for y’all,

      Where’s the “A Quickie with Danielle”??? Last time you talk about it was the Houston Pub Crawl, can we at least get an update.

      Where’s the new website refresh??? The first time, talk about it being in development, was last summer. And since then you always say ” It’s coming soon” for the last few months. And you can at least show some concept, so we know it exists.

      Where’s can I purchase the tickets for the Dallas or L.A pub crawl??? You said it would be up after the holidays. I’m not going, but I will go but I will definitely donate. To make sure it will happen.

      I’m posting here since you don’t read my emails anymore. And please stop saying It’s coming soon or give a bullshit excuse.

    • thomasearlva

      A lot of reddit and forum users are bashing Streep, and labeling Hollywood liberals weak and pedos, so those hard right/conservative/good people can be very horrible of any criticism, especially if they claim it comes from an elitist. But hey, don’t pick on Scott Baio or Mel Gibson, they’re just the salt of the earth… We live in such interesting and balanced times . . I see why some claim a new civil war is upon us, we can’t be civil or not use the nuke option.

    • InfiniteMega

      Also, fuck Merly Streep for showing compassion for somebody that Trump NEVER mocked over the mentally challenged kid that was kidnapped and beaten with a inch of his life by the four members of Black Lives Matter that happened last week.


      • Carl Liggins

        So I’m confused should she NOT show compassion for that person. And how were those people associated with BLM? And why is it that people like you can be so quick to link anything somebody black does to BLM but will jump through to hoops to make excuses for bad cops and people like Trump who say racist shit.
        You get mad when people get called out for the bullshit that comes out their mouth because people like you want to say whatever no matter how offensive but then get butthurt when we call you out for the racist, sexist, homophonic dumbasses you are

    • boblebob

      video is way too dark

    • InfiniteMega

      Here’s the problem with celebrities giving out there political views, there so one-sided to the left because the left owns Hollywood. As a result, they come off as so out of touch with reality. That’s why those that have been screwed by Obama’s policies are so pissed at Merly Streep.

      The democrats are a bunch of fucking sick weirdos as they normalize transgender, divided this country up racially, brain washed anyone into thinking that anyone that disagrees with them is racist, homophones, sexist, and now they’re trying to normalize pedophilia. Go look up the controversy for the upcoming Fox show The Mick.


    • Naruto

      Shit episode compared to last week

    • Floorwax

      I agree with Korey on the Meryl Streep thing. I don’t mind it when celebrities voice their political opinions but i hate when they try to give moral lectures considering how they protect people like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen.

    • MrTommyWiseau

      I quite enjoyed this episode. Sad to see Ray not being a part of the Monday show anymore. Wonder if his spot will be replaced. A Korey and Danielle show would be interesting though.

    • Ryan

      Yeah vibe was off this week. Hate the new cameras too, there’s no details anymore. Takes me out of it like watching something on DVD

    • Wayne

      Coleman makes great points about the hypocrisy of Hollywood, especially Hollywood liberals. Many of them have extravagant and excessive lifestyles that could easily be reduced and the resources used elsewhere to help those in need.

      I dislike it when celebrities use their stage to support a cause because it often seems like they want to feel like a savior rather than a helper. I don’t want to see people proselytizing with words. I am much more impressed by behavior and actions.

      Good work, Coleman. And fuck Roman Polanski.

    • Justin Perea

      I think it’s really strange to paint hollywood with a broad brush.

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