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    • InfiniteMega

      Sammy’s bootyhole has finally snapped. He went to a local news station and gave a in-depth interview about that sick fuck Whorey Coleman and how he runs things. Here’s the interview – it’s shocking stuff:

      Interviewer: “What made you decide to work for such an atrocious human being like Whorey Coleman?”

      Sammy: “I was hesitant at first due to all the horror stories I’ve heard. But then Martin Thomas predicted that I was going to kill myself so I got scared and I had no choice but to agree to work as a Mexican sex slave and live with that garbage of a man. I’m not even sure if the word “man” applies to someone like Whorey Coleman.”

      Interviewer: “Explain the personal life of Whorey Coleman and his relationship at home – ”

      Sammy: “No, no – Whorey doesn’t call his home a “home,” he calls it a sex dungeon.”

      Interviewer: “A sex dungeon?”

      Sammy: “Yes.”

      Interviewer: “Okay, so what was it like? It must’ve been hell.”

      Sammy: “It is. Whorey would force me to do gay porn reenactments of stupid shit we’ve seen in his bedroom like a Wendy’s training video from 1989. Whorey pretends to be a rapping genie that teaches victims about grill skills. *Sigh*. . . . . . . . . .Of course Whorey is grilling his dick in my bootyhole.”

      Interviewer: “How do you manage to survive such torture?”

      Sammy: “Me and Ray, the other Mexican sex slave that Whorey hired, would come up with bullshit excuses to get the fuck away from him. We did stupid shit we didn’t like such as following Ray around in a Pikachu costume. I almost got laid to a Asian chick but when I got back to Whorey’s sex dungeon, he made me delete the Asian chick’s number I saved on my phone and told me that I’m his bitch.”

      Interviewer: “Tell me about Ray.”

      Sammy: “He’s gay as fuck.”

      Interviewer: “And?”

      Sammy: “. . . . . . . . . . I’m trying to remember. Oh yeah, he’s dating the Wendy’s chick. It actually made Whorey extremely jealous to the point where he physically threaten her and her and Ray almost broke up.”

      Interviewer: “My god.”

      Sammy: “Yup. Whorey’s that thirsty for Ray’s bootyhole.”

      Interviewer: “How would you describe Whorey’s way of running Double Toasted?”

      Sammy: “Questionable. He would hire some random-ass people like this one dude who looks like the love child of Ice Cube and Fred Durst with a bitch resting face that teaches Chinese children in China. How the fuck does that apply to talking some bullshit on a podcast is beyond me.”

      Interviewer: “Whorey’s engaged to a woman. How is that even possible?”

      Sammy: “It’s not what you think it is. Whorey’s fiance is a abusive pimp that tells him how to run his life and makes him feel like shit because he is shit. He really just uses her to cover up the fact that he’s gay while his fiance uses him.”

      Interviewer: “How does he cope with being a bitch for a Turkish pimp?”

      Sammy: “He would stand in front of a mirror for hours while wearing a wig and makeup and pretends to be his “Danielle” persona.”

      Interviewer: “Danielle? The horny Italian lady? Why would he pretend to be her?”

      Sammy: “That’s because Danielle isn’t a real person.That woman you see on the show is Whorey in drag. You see, Whorey would use his gaydi mind trick (it’s like the Jedi mind trick, but gay) to brainwashed male viewers to be horny for him and to make them think they’re seeing two people on one screen. It’s disgusting.”

      Interviewer: “My god. . .After all this time, she never existed? What a sick bastard.”

      Sammy: “He is menace to society and he needs to be stop.”

      Interviewer: “Thank you for your time, sir.”

      If this doesn’t get you people to wake the fuck up. Then all hope is lost for Double Toasted. Whorey Coleman must be stop! #FuckKorey.

    • datcrud

      Just fucking vote yall. Early voting in Texas starts Oct. 24th.

    • GoodOl'Eric

      Danielle it was me that suggested the video emails, aka Uncle Phil lol.
      Don’t take my credit away Gurl :)

    • Floorwax