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The Weekly Roast and Toast – 10-17-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

October 18

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    • InfiniteMega

      Whorey Coleman was inspired by the film Mrs. Doubtfire to create his “Danielle” persona. Oh, and he uses his gaydi mind trick (it’s like the Jedi mind trick but gay) to make you think that Whorey and “Danielle” are in the same room. #FuckKorey.

    • cesar-valdovinos

      how did ray shock a dolphin

    • hamish smith

      where is danielle, i love her thoughts on trailers

    • Bryce

      I am happy they aren’t moving because that studio looks really cool and I would love to visit, the other place looked to small. I like the fact that you can watch the live show while they are right in front of you.

    • pixi4688

      Really hope you haven’t replaced Danielle on a Tuesday hear thoughts on trailers is interesting and funny.

    • Twilight Ronin

      Hope Danielle comes back next week.


      thank God Danielle is gone

    • Skyrider

      Really enjoyed Girts being on the show

    • ironarmor

      The sad thing about YT comments re Danielle is that the YT only viewers don’t recognize how active she is during a full show.

      Perhaps Danielle can just sit out review segments unless it’s for something she’s really in to. I appreciated having Girts here this show, but don’t want him diluting his energy for the High Score.

    • TheJuggernaut

      Keep girts . Danielle is annoying “HELLO!”

    • shadeybaby

      I think DreamWorks TV is just the name of the YouTube channel that you got the trailer from, Korey, though DreamWorks does pretty much turn every movie it has into a Netflix show these days: MR PEABODY AND SHERMAN, HOME, even fucking TURBO got a Netflix series. So mark my words, we’ll be getting THE BOSS BABY SHOW whether that movie flops or not.

    • Ginny L.

      I absolutely loved Girts in the show! I wanna see more of him outside of the High Score.

    • CptPeanutButter

      Grits was good, 1000% than Samantha. But doesnt have the “wtf is she talking about” moments Danielle has. That never fails to make me laugh.

    • Json

      Forest Whitaker is playing Saw Gerrera, a character from the Clone Wars tv series. That character appears to then.

    • Soapscum

      I’m not too worried about the ‘Rogue One’ dialogue. I thought the dialogue in ‘The Force Awakens” was schmaltzy and awkward too, but in context it was perfectly fine. It will probably be the same in this film too. And as a ‘Star Wars’ geek, I am even more excited than I was before from those first two trailers. This shit looks badass!
      My only real reservation about it all is Felicity Jones. She’s cute as hell and usually a good actress but her line delivery, at least from the trailers, seems about as flat as Kate Hudson’s breasts. I hope to be proven wrong about this in December of course.

    • iLLmatic_MG

      Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) is mangled because dude has seen way too much war lol I mean, dude fought in the Clone Wars. As for the dialogue, you have to remember that they are cuts and will probably have more weight in the film. And last, I saw equal amount of hope and gloom in this. Look at Bodhi’s facial expression in that one scene looking all kinds of shook…I’m pretty sure minutes after that scene he’ll be gone. Right at the end, Vader on his death march and then last scene you see Donnie Yen and that other dude about to get stretched by an AT-AT. Imo I feel like the two trailers balanced hope/despair/story well.

    • Naruto

      So glad Danielle did not turn up =)

    • cecilmcw00t

      Girts is fantastic on Trailer Tuesday! You should keep this lineup for a little while and see how it goes!

    • pegasus

      when has star war dialogue not been corny?

    • RedKool8

      Korey and Girts have great chemistry! I wonder if that homosorcery is coming into play a little bit…

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