October 2

The Sunday Service – 10-2-16

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The Sunday Service

October 2

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    • Ceaseless

      This early show is a reward for finally correcting my sleep schedule.

    • Van

      Finished Luke Cage just a few hours ago. Caught between a high rental and low matinee. Certain storylines are really stretched out and, all in all, there’s nothing really memorable about it. It’s a competent show done well but doesn’t push the boundaries on any level that television’s been doing so well, lately (American Crime Story, Stranger Things, The Night Of). But I understand the DT crew (probably) giving this mad props though, the African-American community is well represented here and there are some respectable nods to current events (Trayvon Martin).

    • That Guy Jv

      Damn, I need to catch up. I still need to see Daredevil.

    • driving_sloth

      Um, can someone let us know when the show is changing times? I missed the live show since I figured it would be at the same time as always. It’s annoying.

    • Vill Walle

      Someone obviously just read the summary on the Netflix continue watching screen instead of watching the episodes

    • Anonynonymous

      How long is the concrete pouring is gonna last?

    • Edward

      Nobody’s talking about Westworld? Shame.

    • renjdavis

      Luke Cage is great. Making Luke the Captain America/Superman of this universe, but centering him in a community makes his impact more impactful and gives him more weight as a hero. The idea that a bulletproof hoodie was his symbol was great. I’d say one of its biggest problems is the heavy handed nature that it delves into at times, but that doesn’t really bother me for the most part because the show makes it very clear that it doesn’t want to pull its punches and it wants to be in your face. What makes it less of a problem for me in this case is that the show does a good enough job presenting its case and supporting its claim and then will make that claim explicit. It’s kind of like an essay where a claim is boldly stated and then the rest is support to explore that claim. I think the preachy nature of it would fall apart without the good characterization and story structure. Preachy isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there are times where it works when you want to unapologetically make a statement because let’s not forget that art can be political. It’s just that if you’re going to be preachy then at least make sure you have something to say and back it up, and I feel like this show succeeded at that. I can see that bothering some people though.

      • renjdavis

        Just wanted to add that the drive that Luke and Claire make to Georgia from New York was silly. That really stretched believability. Ultimately in the context of the story it’s not that big of a problem, but it does require an immense suspension of disbelief since it feels like they just drove for a few hours and then came back.

      • Bryce

        have to agree with the Georgia drive, he was bleeding internally and thy drove all the way to Georgia, also when they extracted the bullets from Luke he was shot two times, in the lower stomach and the top chest area but the only showed her remove the top chest area fragments.

    • CptPeanutButter

      “It’s going to be a short show” These words that have never been true coming from Coleman

    • boblebob

      I’m 7 episodes in. finding the show a little slow.
      luke isn’t the most interesting or charismatic of leads. the action isn’t as good as DD or JJ. its not very interesting when he can just walk through tonnes of enemies. i hoped more of the fighting would have been more like the scene in the restaurant with the limbs breaking. they made most of the fights quite boring.

    • Bryce

      I finished Luke Cage in a day, it was really awesome but not for everyone, can’t wit for The Defender and hopefully they nail Luke Cage and Iron Fist friendship because they are best friends. Maybe I just loved it because I am a Marvel bitch.

    • CptPeanutButter

      The shows are so much better without an audience to distract them.

    • Dan David

      Damn it Will, we almost made it out with no spoilers. Just tryna keep the black man down

    • Bat21

      In the comics, Misty Knight loses an arm. Tony Stark gives her a cybernetic one.

    • Lowkey

      I know I’m already gonna disagree with Will. I know because I disagree with everything his ass says. Wish you guys would fire Will and call Tony and ask him to join the show. He’s alot funnier and doesn’t sound like a pompous douche

    • theboogieman

      This show’s fun as fuck! Korey and Korey Goodwin need to do more shows like this with each other, the dynamic is great. Also it feels relaxed and natural, and not tense as though Korey’s about to lose his shit and fire everyone on the spot, as these shows can feel these days.

    • jayrodneyjr

      Korey and Korey, definitely want to hear your reviews of Luke Cage once you’ve finished the season.

    • NiceGuy92

      I’m going to preface by saying I’m a older black man from DC aka Chocolate who graduated from a HBCU in ATL another chocolate city and have watched damn near every Blaxploitation flick known to man including Dolomite. With that being said and my “black card” in full effect I have to give Luke Cage a matinee. While I love everything they did from a cultural standpoint (Harlem”s history, the Harlem renaissance, Jazz, hip hop, presenting Luke Cage as a positive role model for not only black kids but all races in the marvel cinematic universe) the show itself is plagued with many flaws starting with the showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker who gave us the great classic masterpiece Notorious. Most of the dialogue, when there’s no action is almost unbearable, the lighting is terrible, the pacing sometimes goes to a complete standstill at times and the conclusion leaves nothing to be desired for a 2nd season that looks like its going to be more of the same in fact the exact same. Another negative, with these comic funny books adaptations is  sometimes you’re only as good as your villain and supporting cast and while there were a few good performances Alfre Woodard was F#CKING TERRIBLE!!! It was almost like she forgot how to act when she delivered her lines. And the plot is almost like that Denzel Washington video/ interview you used to show all the time on Spill Korey. Where Denzel is being interviewed and he looks slightly disheveled and he talks about a role he passed up and called Sidney Poitier for advice. The movie was called the Nigga they couldn’t kill(at least that’s the title Denzel sarcastically gave it) that had a similar premise to this this plot. This show while I did enjoy some aspects( references to hiphop songs in the dialogue while  referencing the titles to chapter, Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is….. anybody else catch that??) was a little disappointing. And B4 I forget the score by Ali Shaheeed Muhammad aka bugs bunny while I dug the 70s throwback Blaxploitation music and get that it was an homage to the source material and when Power man first came on the scene the music was overused and made dramatic moments cartoonish. It was too heavy handed but would’ve more effective had they used it less. I know I said matinee but the more I think and type I’m leaning towards a high rental.
      Ps.. That Hallway scene with Wutang playing in the background saved it from being some ole BS!!! OHHH and last thing that GODDAMN Dolomite wig Luke Cage had on in Prison that kept getting bigger like a bad In Living Color sketch was horrible!!

    • Ginny L.

      Max and Ruby and 6teen were my shit, back when I used to watch a lot of shows from Nelvana! Backyardigans and Toy Castle came in close too.

    • sum guy

      i’m only on ep 7 but i’m really liking the show so far. as a fan of hip hop culture, the east coast and history i’m really loving the show for those aspects and the fact that it feels like a community, crime drama rather than the traditional superhero show. only criticisms i’ve had is the pacing was off in the first couple of episodes, but the momentum has been building and it’s steady now. even in its cheesy moments the show is solid. if i had to rank them it’d be Daredevil S1- Stellar all around JJ S1- Stellar DD S2- Really Good and Luke Cage- Solid.

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