October 21 at 8:00pm

The Movie Review Extravaganza – 10-21-16

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

October 21

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    • Van

      Donald Glover is Lando.

    • InfiniteMega

      Why the fuck do people think I’m making up all the crazy shit about Whorey Coleman?

      Whorey Coleman really is a sick fuck that supports a corrupt politician like Hilary Clinton. He hates Donald Trump for saying racist comments but gives Hilary Clinton a free pass. So it’s no surprise that Whorey, the owner of two Mexican sex slaves and licensed bootywand welding man-whore, supports corruption. WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE! #FuckKorey.

      • Doc Sportello

        The beauty of InfiniteMega is that he’s one of the most dedicated toastees on the site and probably loves the shows more than anybody else

    • 3ddy

      Sammy Ain’t Seen Shit is pretty good.

    • thejonnjonzz

      Lovin Girts as co-host. Here and on the R&T.

    • shadeybaby

      Hey guys, I’m glad you enjoyed my quiz! To defend myself, that last question was formatted properly when I made the PowerPoint, cross my heart. Dunno went wrong there. Also, I thought Martin was gonna be there to do the quiz, so I thought he’d be there to get that Abbott and Costello question. Hey, don’t get mad at me that you don’t know your classic movies, you dingleberries! I kid, of course, I’ll try and make it more lenient with the next quiz, I just didn’t want to make a quiz that was too easy. Thanks guys, and great review!

      • Don Wunder aka JJ

        it was fine dude – it was fun being on to answer as well – curveballs are fun to mix in with the easy ones, keeps it interesting… the guys like to bitch for fun as well – keep up the good work

    • That Guy Jv

      More people should see the High Score, Grits is a great co-host.

    • Ginny L.

      Yes! More Girts :D

    • InfiniteMega

      The fact that Whorey called Last of Us a movie proves my point that Last of Us is a more of a movie than a game. And yet, that dumbass calls it a game LOL.

    • The Nigerian Prince

      Lexy pantera. That is the name of the twerker. Have not seen the movie but I am guessing it is probably her. This shit is hypnotic.

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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