October 24

The Casual Call In Show – 10-24-16

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The Casual Call In Show

October 24

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    • Adrianne

      The one week a year where I’m happy for late shows. I’m attending the local film festival all week so I won’t be getting home until late. Looking forward to the show :)

    • boblebob

      cant believe im agreeing with danielle on the car crash bit.

    • Justin Perea

      Korey is the worst atheist ever lol.

    • Justin Perea

      Danielle for the most part (so far) has been agreeable for once. I love it.

    • Wayne

      Korey has said the things he says for years, and this is the show he’s concerned whether he offended someone?


    • datcrud

      Feds need to be looking into Korey for his statements on Michelle Obama. lol

    • Ginny L.

      (applauding) Thank you, Danielle! I believe you come off as spiritual more than religious, but I wholeheartedly agree with what you said in this show, especially when discussing about the car crash situation.

      And Korey…

    • julien

      The end of a coleman era begins

    • The Nigerian Prince

      LOL. I love it when guys like Korey say that they are so bad that heaven has their picture on the gates and they too bad to get it. I say to Korey what I saw to all the others who think they are “so bad”. You ain’t shit Korey. Whether or not you believe in Christianity or not let’s just follow the logic of that universe like you would for any other thing you consider fiction. Moses, murderer. King David, fucked some dude’s wife in his army, got her pregnant and to cover it up had the dude moved to the front lines so he would die. Saul/Paul hunted down and killed Christians for a living until he had his conversion. These niggas considered some of the greatest men in the Bible. You ain’t shit Korey. If God will let them in, then he can let you in too. ;)

    • Jevaughn Birch

      This is one of those times where I’m on Danielle’s side completely concerning the accident question

The Casual Call In Show

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