October 25

The Weekly Roast and Toast – 10-25-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

October 25

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    • InfiniteMega

      I can’t believe this shit, Whorey Coleman, who goes by his fake name “Korey Coleman,” put out a fucking rap album. Oh my god. . . .The title of the album is “The Male Bootyhole Whisper.” LOL Whorey has lost his mind. Here’s the track list:

      1.Mighty Whoring Power Male-Ass Mangler
      2.Fuck 3rd World Countries! (The Pro-Hilary Clinton Anthem)
      4.Sammy, Bend Over
      5.That Booty Good
      6.Space Jammed Up Ray’s Bootyhole
      7.It’s Not Gay if you. . . .
      8.Gay Wizardry On 69th ST
      9.She-Man Master of the Bootywand
      10.The Soul in your Bootyhole
      11. #FuckKorey

    • Don Wunder aka JJ

      i mentioned this right at the end of the show but did not get to let the guys show – #ciad

    • TracksuitDracula

      You do an entire segment on Jack Chick but don’t even mention the passing of Steve Dillon, poor form DT.

    • hamish smith

      this shit just aint the same without Danielle, Girtz is like a 99c replacement

The Weekly Roast & Toast

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