October 3

The Casual Call In Show – 10-3-16

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The Casual Call In Show

October 3

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    • InfiniteMega

      So after the failure that was Whorey’s lecture at UT, some gay porn university invited Whorey to do a lecture about how to be a gay porn star. Here’s the lecture:

      Whorey: “What inspired me to be a practitioner of the homo arts of sorcery is my first sexual experience with a homosexual lumberjack. It managed to attracted innocent bystanders that scar them for life. That’s when I knew that a dick up my bootyhole captivated an audience!”

      “The fact that that the man I had gay sex with was a lumberjack gave him a gimmick that caught those peoples’ attention. So I knew that the only way to stick out is to have a gimmick of my own. I stretched my bootyhole five inches wide to allow myself to fit two dicks from two Mexican sex slaves I hired from a Walmart parking lot. One of them raps.”

      “I also like to act like I know what the gay fans are thinking by shouting out some one liners that the audience might be saying to themselves to make them feel welcome. I would tell Sammy (the fatass one) like: Boy, fucking you is like fucking a bouncy house!”

      “Now, any questions?”

      Gay Toasty: “Yeah, uh. . . . .I heard that you’re engaged to your fiance (a women.) How the fuck is that possible when you’re gay?”

      Whorey: “Well. . .She’s not really my fiance, more like a pimp that slaps me around and tells me how to run my life or she’ll take away my Channing Tatum masturbation privileges.”

      “Oh, you hear that? Those are police sirens. I got to run y’all. No registered sex offender law is going to stop me from spreading my gay magically spells on newer victims. I put the black in black magic, tee-hee. Too-da-loo!”

      *Prances off like a faggot*

      As you can tell, Whorey is a sick fuck. #FuckKorey.

    • jabrethornton

      InfiniteMega, I must admit these are getting to be more and more interesting as time goes on. I look forward to your next episode in the FuckKorey saga every time I log on.

    • Vill Walle

      Props to Korey for being that scary black dad to keep his hyperactive annoying fat adopted son in check during the show…

    • TheJuggernaut

      That guy laughing in the background is so annoying

    • mainstream05

      Wow. Folks on here are mean. I don’t want Sammy dead – I just don’t want him on camera anymore.

    • That Guy Jv

      Oh man, that Droopy voice and the pirate segment got me laughing out loud

    • Bryce

      That loud laughing was fucking annoying

    • Carl Liggins

      It’s funny. I remember when people used to hate Infinite Omega’s little rants until Korey said he liked it.

    • Ryan

      Korey doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to video games lol. He showed a trailer for a DLC for Mafia 3, not the actual game, and he said Gears 4 was coming out sometime this fall when it was coming out the very next day lol

    • Wayne

      There is a double standard when it comes to pregnancies. Yes, if both a male and female are involved in the conception of a child, there is a shared responsibility.

      However, there are times when a child is a mistake, and there is no agreed method of rearing. If the male disagrees with birthing the child and the female wants to birth the child, the male is always expected to contribute. If they didn’t agree beforehand to have a child, then they both made a mistake and there shouldn’t be a compulsion for the male to contribute.

      If it were the other way around, and the female didn’t want to birth the child even though the male insisted, I doubt people would be saying that the female should birth that child and give it to the male to care for.

      That’s called a double standard.

      • Wayne

        The responsible thing to do can also be not bringing a child to term if the mother and father are not in a position to adequately care for it.

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