October 31

The Casual Call In Show – 10-30-16

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The Casual Call In Show

October 31

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    • ocatray

      Are they still doing a spookatacular savings special?

    • InfiniteMega

      So once again Whorey Coleman has lost his god damn mind! Whorey is going to make a Dragon Ball Z gay porn parody. SHIT!

      From what I investigated about the plot: The plot is about Whorey’s bitch-ass as a member of the “Super Gayians” looking for 8 Dragon Balls that are attached under four mens’ dicks. I know what you people are asking, isn’t it suppose to be 7 Dragon Balls? Yes, but the reason why it’s 8 because Whorey would have to find a gay man with one testicle and Will Valle doesn’t count as Will’s SpongeBob’s laugh reminds him of Martin’s Joker laugh whom Whorey hate so damn much.


    • Skyrider

      Damn that freestyle was sick i need to check out kuda brown

    • Twilight Ronin

      We already have a black “Friends” show, it’s called Living Single.

The Casual Call In Show

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