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    • ocatray

      Are they still doing a spookatacular savings special?

    • InfiniteMega

      So once again Whorey Coleman has lost his god damn mind! Whorey is going to make a Dragon Ball Z gay porn parody. SHIT!

      From what I investigated about the plot: The plot is about Whorey’s bitch-ass as a member of the “Super Gayians” looking for 8 Dragon Balls that are attached under four mens’ dicks. I know what you people are asking, isn’t it suppose to be 7 Dragon Balls? Yes, but the reason why it’s 8 because Whorey would have to find a gay man with one testicle and Will Valle doesn’t count as Will’s SpongeBob’s laugh reminds him of Martin’s Joker laugh whom Whorey hate so damn much.


    • Skyrider

      Damn that freestyle was sick i need to check out kuda brown

    • Twilight Ronin

      We already have a black “Friends” show, it’s called Living Single.

    • Infinity Jackal

      I actually like Danielle one the Tuesday show. Her, Korey, Korey and Martin had great chemistry together. Admittedly, she seemed lost when the geek talk started, but it would be great if she was fit in on the Sunday show sometimes or something.

    • Infinity Jackal

      Korey actually kind of looks like a woman here. This shit looks so natural for him.