October 30

The Sunday Service – 10-30-16

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The Sunday Service

October 30

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    • kesiamonteith

      Is there gonna be a review from Goodwin and Martin on Moonlight? Hope so. :)

    • InfiniteMega

      I discovered a heated audio conversation between Whorey and Ms. Mia about Whorey going behind Ms. Mia’s back about Whorey using with a different costume for Halloween. LOL Whorey got his ass kicked!

      Ms. Mia: You peace of sheet! How dare you go behind mine back and disobey mi!

      Whorey: But, but, but, your highness the guys were calling me a pussy so I had to do it. . . .

      Ms. Mia: * Slap * SHUT UP! Hand mi your testickles.

      Whorey: NO! No please! I need them to fuck Sammy and Rays’ bootyhole. They’re my pleasure nectar!

      Ms Mia: Who tee fack do you dink your talking to! Do you want mi to take away your Channing Tantum masturbation privileges?

      Whorey: . . . . . .Okay, you win.

      Ms. Mia: Now go poot on your Midnight Cowboy outfeet and go on dat street corner and make mi some money you whore.


    • ironarmor

      Although I agree with Coleman’s points about Church’s MMN status, I thought Korey might have been more understanding of Church’s motivation since he (KC) talks so much about the sense of community between DT fans with DT crew and some times each other.

      Recall both the initial and continued kickstarter response. Hezekiel even gave $10K, and while some still question such a decision, he had the means and it made him happy. Just like Mr. Church.

The Sunday Service

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