October 5

The Movie Review Extravaganza – 10-5-16

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

October 5

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    • Justin aka Ron Mexico

      I saw Birth of a Nation on Monday and I found it to be better than 12 Years a Slave. The fact that Nate Parker–wrote, produced, directed and starred in this great of a film…it’s the biggest accomplishment in filmmaking this year. Outside controversies be damned. This man deserves to be nominated for best screenplay, best actor, best director and best film. He should definitely win at least one of those. But then again, all of the award shows are some backroom Hollywood political bs…so we’ll see how that goes.

    • InfiniteMega

      From what I investigated, the new movie Get Out is based on Sammy’s experience when he first joined Double Toasted. He’s obviously trying to tell us something about Whorey Coleman, people. Wake the fuck up. #FuckKorey.

    • CH Gorog

      Given that it is general historical consensus from most historians (and not just a maybe/maybe-not situation that Korey implies in the review) that he brutally murdered women and children, it’s a far more complicated issue with presenting the man.

      I can take the movie as a movie, not a documentary. I can enjoy the filmmaking of it, but I would NEVER recommend a biopic to someone with the idea that it is a wholly truthful representation of history.

      I’m not going to take this movie seriously since it is a fabrication of history, like any biopic. Biopics are entertainment, not scholarly articles backed with well-verified sources. Bridge of Spies, The Big Short, The Imitation Game, Straight Outta Compton are all fabrications of history, even if it’s just within the context of spatial/temporal relations to what had actually happened.

      I think it is that complexity of the situation that makes Nat Turner an interesting figure to discuss and analyze, warts and all. When you simplify the story (or outright lie about it in the case of the added “rape scene” in the film), and then you emphasize the historical importance of the movie, you’re being intellectually dishonest about the truth of the matter.

    • CH Gorog

      As a Christian, yeah. Any religion/ideology can be twisted to serve your own ends, even to violence. It’s also why Soviet Russia was ‘justified’ in state-atheism to imprison Christians in Gulags.

    • Vill Walle

      Great show! Now all you gotta do is to stop raping us by forcing the super annoying Samantha on us! He annoys me so much that I may want to vote for trump just because theres a chance Sam will get taken off camera. Man… FUCKSAMANTHA

    • julien



      Nat turner is a mass murderer
      but I would join him and encourage him to kill slavery and everything/everyone related to the slave masters

    • Martin

      Man, I wanna know the name of that guy who said that!

    • hedgehogkiller1990

      You guys really weren’t bothered by how the film depicts females? First of all it’s grossly inaccurate. Nat Turner didn’t start his revolt as a revenge for rape. He claimed to have divine visions that told him to. Women are used as props and their rape is used as character motivation for the men. This is not only disturbing on a fictional level it is historically inaccurate at least as it pertains to Nat Turner. The characters are all one dimensional and it’s incredibly soapy. I hope if you guys revisit this movie you’ll see more of its faults.

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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