November 1

The Weekly Roast and Toast – 11-1-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

November 1

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    • Van

      Korey better review this trailer for the sequel everybody’s been waiting for.

    • CptPeanutButter

      It’s a shame that some random nigga, was a better all round co-host then Samantha. Shout-Out to Kudos.

      • shadeybaby

        I’m honestly failing to see why there’s such vitriolic hatred for Sammy. He gets shit done around this site, let the boy be.

    • hamish smith

      this show has dropped in quality since Danielle got booted

    • jorge e garcia

      I like the shows more, since Danielle isn’t on mic. At least the white dude seems sincere about his opinions about movies and the nerdy shit. Danielle would always give generic ass answers when it came to those things. Keep up the great work. Regardless of who is on, Im always listening.

    • Wayne

      “Sammy ain’t seen Fight Club?”

      C’mon, Martin. Pay attention.

    • pixi4688

      Please can we sometimes have Danielle on the roast and toast I miss her and Martin together they had great chemistry.

    • Doc Sportello

      Everybody hates Danielle at first.
      Now they all want her back now that she’s off the Roast and Toast.


    • shadeybaby

      I think Girts is a better fit personally. Not to bash on Danielle, she’s a sweet person and awesome on the Monday show, but she didn’t have the same interests in movies or the same sense of humor as the other guys–WHICH IS NOT AN INSULT. People are different. If I was on a podcast about Israeli-Palestinian relationships, I wouldn’t have much to throw in either. But Danielle was prone to take some jokes too seriously and didn’t have much to throw in on the trailer talks, and though she did get better, it was clear that this was not a show that played to her strengths. Nothing to do with her gender or intelligence, it just seems like a hindrance to the pace of the show. Girts is doing fantastically here, Danielle is doing fantastically on Mondays, it’s all fine. As long as Girts doesn’t have to keep getting sidelined by work, keep him on. Or if you just want to have it back down to the classic three-person lineup that the Roast & Toast started out with, I’m fine with that too. It’s Korey’s call.

      • hardcorehenry

        Shadey said it best. Danielle was either quiet or betting Korey he would love or hate a movie. Her and Korey arguing could be a plus but her this shit is stupid but I can see how you like it way of thinking did not seem to fit the chemistry of the trailer talks. Wild Cards are fun, make no mistake, but not on a more streamlined planned show like the roast and toast. Its why Danielle works for the call in show. (This is not me throwing any personal shade on Danielle or pretending to know what she is like outside of the show, this is purely critique on her as a host.)

    • Kadeem The Dream

      I really hope Ray could find a way to do Tuesdays, a show with KC, KG, Ray and Martin would be FIRE

    • datcrud

      Can they stop with these dude rapping please. Like Jesus FUCK its bad. I’m just bitching I’ll skip it I guess.

The Weekly Roast & Toast

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