November 13

The Sunday Service – 11-13-16

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The Sunday Service

November 13

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    • Justin Perea

      Damn Sammy you’re fucked up if you think that kid deserved that for voting for Trump. Or even thought it was funny. That was bullying plain and simple and you’re doing what you think you’re against. It’s disgusting. I hate Trump as much as you do. I am just not as much of a whiny little bitch as you that we lost.

    • Justin Perea

      Korey I agree. You ask the kid why they do what they do. You don’t shame them. You share your opinion and listen to the opinion of your kid. You discuss and argue. You don’t shame.

    • Justin Perea

      Arrival is my favorite film since Ex Machina. Too bad it wasn’t number 1.

    • Jose


    • InfiniteMega

      Can anyone explain to me how a liar and a criminal that’s married to a man that raped a 13 year old girl deserved to be president over Trump? Whorey Coleman, you’re a sick fuck. #FuckKorey.

    • Floorwax

      Sammy needs to be stopped.

    • InfiniteMega

      Hey you fat Mexican sex slave (Sammy), Hillary laughed about a man raping a child after she defended him in court. She’s married to a man that raped a 13 year old girl. She keeps lying to the media countless times. She funded ISIS and wants war with Russia. As for Trump, he’s being falsely accused as being racist by Social Justice Pussies like you.

      And you faggots are calling Trump supporters ignorant? #FuckKorey.

      • Carl Liggins

        Ok dude I’m sorry but shut the fuck up. When did she laugh about some guy raping a girl and when did Bill rape a young girl? And you say she’s a criminal yet the FBI says otherwise. You say she’s a liar yet you’re ok with Trump lying to you about a wall his ass ain’t putting up. And the fact that for 8 years he’s been talking about how Obama wasn’t born in this country and so he’s not American, even though if somehow he wasn’t born in America the fact that his mother is American makes him an American citizen, he then backtracked on ALL of that. He talks about the Constitution but wanted to ban Muslims and enforce rules on Muslims here. All the racist shit he goes on about, him arguing with that veterans family.

        Also isn’t Trump himself accused of rape? He admitted to sexual assault! And please, please for the love of God explain to me what a social justice warrior is? I have a feeling a homophobe like you probably thinks a lot of people are sjw just because it’s easier to write them off then actually listen and give a shit

      • Scojo

        Your life must be reaaaaaaally happy.

    • frightie

      Audio is pretty loud at times, especially when Korey is yelling. Gotta keep putting the volume up and down to hear. Reminds me of when they do it live. I’m guessing it wasn’t fixed in editing like it usually is.

    • Doc Sportello

      Eeehhh I can’t back Sammy on this one.

      I can faintly see the point Sammy’s making about the mom’s “prank” being a lesson in not following the herd, but that’s when the concept is entirely stripped of all context.

      What the mom is doing, as Korey and Martin pointed out, is a traumatic exercise to instill her beliefs into the kid via fear and humiliation.

      Kids don’t understand voting and politics. If anything, it probably taught the kid to appease his mom as opposed to understanding the voting process and learning how to make informed decisions, so what was achieved here? Nothing.

      • Soapscum

        Ironically, kids in those mock school elections consistently favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by enormous margins. If anything, these kids are going to vote smarter than their parents. That gives me some hope.

    • datcrud

      BLACK PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO ENDURE. WE WILL LIVE THOUGH IT ALL… Good luck to all who are scared shitless/ If you white and you scared shitless then you have some work to do…

    • Soapscum

      President-elect Pussygrabber won this election through a perfect storm of diarrhea. It’s the only way to summarize how we got to where we are now. I follow politics very closely and I cannot make any sense of how he won. Everything you can pin the blame on gets contradicted by another thing. I’m just going to go ahead and say that American voters are just idiots who don’t understand how their problems are being manipulated and scapegoated by a proven con-artist. But even then, Hillary won the popular vote over him, more Americans rejected him than voted for him! So, as I said before, that contradicts that statement. Mr. “rigged system” benefited from a rigged system more than anyone else. But facts don’t matter anymore…nothing matters anymore. Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense. We are due for a very long, exhausting, unpredictable, nihilistic four years. Let’s hope for better in 2020, fight back against whatever bullshit Trump ends up attempting to do and actually vote in every single election from here on out. That’s the least we can do to rectify this horrible mistake.

    • Bat21

      Assholes like Sammy are why people voted for Trump.

    • renjdavis

      I don’t see the problem with taking an Asian property and updating it for an American audience. If it’s truly a remake for a different cultural context then that’s fine in my book, so I’m in agreement with Korey in that Ghost in the Shell is worse. I don’t remember people complaining about Martin Scorsese making The Departed which was an American remake of a Japanese movie, so what’s the exact problem with Edge of Tomorrow.

    • Anonynonymous

      To be honest, a lot of these “racist out of the woods” stories smell very much like made up bullshit falseflag to me. Trump might be an asshole, he isn’t a psychic that’s capable of mind control. If the president can actually makes people think a certain ways, all the racists and hate groups wouldn’t been gone during the Obama administration.

      • Barksdale

        trump ran and won a campaign on racism and bigotry. i dont think its that far-fetched to believe that his supporters would feel emboldened to let said races know they’re not wanted here. I mean trump is literally supported by the KKK.

      • Anonynonymous

        Again, by that token, wouldn’t all the racists and hate group disappear during Obama’s administration? Or on the extreme flip side, embolden the likes of New Black Panther party? Yet none of that happened.

    • Skyrider

      Sammy your opinion of Trump is clouding your judgement

    • jensenrfk

      Sammys kind of a dumbass

    • byronXTREME

      Will, you made me crack up with that fucking cat video on the bruce lee part hahahahaha

    • Space Cop


    • cesar-valdovinos

      the mama was a prick. The boy just voted on a mock election at school and because every person as talked about Trump the boy would have picked what was familiar to him. I fucking hate Trump but you don’t do this to a kid.

    • jnet

      As an Asian, I have absolutely NO problem with Scarlett Johansson playing Motoko. I think she looks great in the part and could pull it off. I love the ’95 version and this live action looks promising… MY issue with Ghost in the Shell is with how they GOD DAMN bastardized Enjoy the Silence. Don’t fuck with my Depeche Mode. Damn you, Rupert Sanders.

    • RedKool8

      Will’s edit was amazing hahaha

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