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    • Soapscum

      I haven’t listened to the show yet. I don’t know what the ratings are for “Bleed For This” but there has to be some value in watching Miles Teller get punched in the face several times. They should have had J.K. Simmons join in.

    • InfiniteMega

      Hey Whorey, remember what you said when you were in your “Danielle” persona? “If Trump wins I’m moving to Thailand.” So why are you still pretending to be a horny Italian lady? You lying/ignorant sack of shit. #FuckKorey.

    • julien

      ” If toupee already paid for the stream the second part can be streamed at no additional cost. Thanks.” Don’t talk shit about my hair COLEMAN

    • julien

      GAnza? This is a GAN. BRING THAT ZAAAAAAAAAAAA tomorrow