November 22

The Movie Review Roast and Toast – 11-22-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

November 22

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    • InfiniteMega

      On a full moon Whorey Coleman climbs up his roof top to spread his five inch wide bootyhole to have a spiritual homosexual orgasm. #FuckKorey

    • Manil Arachchige

      Girts is such a great addition to the show

    • Thomas

      Regarding the last question I feel that saying that all people who are into Video games, Comic books and generally geeky stuff is inherently racist is a very bigoted statement in of itself.

      There are literally millions of people across the entire world that are into that, so of course there will be people that is racist, mysogonistic or homophobic. But generalizing this entire group of people because of these individuals is something Trump would say. By that logic the majority of this sites members and fans are racisist as fuck considering many of DT’s members are generally into geeky stuff.

    • hamish smith


    • cesar-valdovinos

      the talk with mr. robot is how i feel about game of thrones. The show fallen downhill but i spent too much time that i have to know how they go even if its bad

    • The Nigerian Prince

      WTF is Goodwin talking about? Doomsday is not on Supergirl.

    • Skyrider

      LOL Girts really does complete this show

    • InfiniteMega

      Wait a minute Whorey, who the fuck do you think you are talking about talking sense and being open minded when your dumbass refuses to learn facts about Trump? You fucking said that all Trump supporters are uneducated and didn’t go to collage. Meanwhile there’s a lot of faggot libtards posting videos on YouTube showing off how misinformed and stupid they are in reaction to Trump winning.

      • kanthan931

        eh facts and trump, are not two words that go together, and calm down on the aggression. Oh yes and Korey was right as you have proven

    • Skyrider

      Err doomsday is not on Supergirl

    • Floorwax

      Nerds are petty people; its in their DNA.

    • kanthan931

      hey guys, my recently moved in so i dont have as much time to watch the full shows, but what happened to Dani?

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