November 23

The Movie Review Extravaganza – 11-23-16

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

November 23

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    • InfiniteMega

      Whorey Coleman is trying to create a new sexuality called: “Homo-straight-uality.” It’s where Whorey is allowed to commit homosexual acts while still considered straight because he says so. Apparently that fucking idiot doesn’t realize that there’s something like that called bi-sexually, but you know those Gay Hump Riders, always like to create a new sexually/gender every five days. #FuckKorey.

    • fred sanford

      The trailer for Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ is out FYI, hope yall can discuss

    • shadeybaby

      Korey, my sister is 33 and she’s been happily married for the past 6 years. So if you get to meet her: TREAD LIGHTLY.

      Can’t wait to see you guys last week of December. I’ll be coming in on the 27th, and the Roast and Toast will be airing that day, so you can count on me being there.

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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