November 29

The Weekly Roast and Toast – 11-29-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

November 29

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    • InfiniteMega

      Whorey’s gay porn parody of Fences will involve a scene where Whorey fucks Sammy up the bootyhole while showing a strong dislike towards him, thus proving that Whorey doesn’t have to like Sammy in order to fuck him. #FuckKorey.

    • Superbadmike

      What’s “Get World”?

    • SolidEye

      Also Korey, this happened at Best Buy. Black teenagers harassed by police for no reason:

    • cesar-valdovinos

      Fuck, Martin you sure you didn’t fuck goodwin’s mom

    • Bat21


    • Daniel Brennan

      I have no idea what their problem with Kylo Ren is. He’s SUPPOSED to seem like a weak, wannabe Darth Vader. It’s less intimidating but it also makes him a WAY more interesting character.

    • Red

      Martin being married was the biggest surprise to me since I found out he didn’t have an afro… And wasn’t really named Leon. :(

      So Many Secrets, I thought I knew you guys. But now I know better.

    • Floorwax

      Korey’s review of Barney & Friends: “It’s too dark!!! Where are the jokes!!!!”

    • Soapscum

      That beating of a Trump voter that crazy woman was referring to had nothing to do with him voting for Trump. It was confirmed to have been a traffic altercation and then he claimed it was because it was because of his politics, there was no indication that his assailants knew, or even cared, how he voted. I’m sorry he got hurt, but that’s a typical shitty Trump thing to do: claim victim hood for something that is false. But really, who cares? Facts and rationality don’t matter anymore. Nothing matters.

      • InfiniteMega

        And this is the typical anti-Trump supporter do for supporting Trump, jackass.

        Notice how Whorey won’t talk about that. Also, he claims that the riots that the millennials are doing in responds to Trump winning are “protesting.” Yeah, never mind the damage properties that they have caused. #FuckKorey

    • Space Cop

      MARTIN IS MARRIED?! How did this not slip out during the 7 years I’ve been watching you guys?!?!

    • InfiniteMega

      “There’s protest but no violence.” WHAT?

    • GoodOl'Eric

      I’m loving Girts on the Weekly Roast and Toast

    • TracksuitDracula

      Did people seriously not know that Martin was married?

    • thomasearlva

      If it’s such a problem, ban him/her from coming and stop talking about and picking on them as an aside. You can’t detest and mine for gold the same vein to good effect.

    • kanthan931

      still not sold on rogue one, dialogue looks generic and still staying in the same mold, there is a whole galaxy out there and its the same old shit

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