November 7

The Casual Cal In Show – 11-7-16

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The Casual Call In Show

November 7

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    • InfiniteMega

      You’re not going to believe this but the feud between Whorey Coleman and Martin Thomas is escalating. Here’s what I picked up from the leaked audio that’s planted in the studio:

      Ray: Martin, you gotta to talk to him. This is all your fault.

      Sammy: Yeah, Whorey has gotten too far with our bootyhole sessions and refuses to pay us. He making us play games like ring around the dildo. And the ring is our bootyholes!

      Martin: Fine, whatever, JUST GO!

      *Walks into the studio* WHOREY!

      Whorey: Brother Negro, I knew you’d come.

      Martin: Damn it, Whorey, what the fuck is the matter with you?

      Whorey: I am sick and fucking tired of living in your shadow.

      Martin: Nigga, you’re the one that put yourself there.

      Whorey: No, the toasties, both gay and straight, love you and want to take me down.

      Martin: Oh come, this is all in your head. Is it because I’m the fact that you went secretly gay because you couldn’t compete with the quality of white girls that I’m fucking?

      Whorey: Enough! The only source to take care of my problem is to delete you! I want you to sign this contract for battle. But first, I need to show you something.

      Martin: Oh the hell with this.

      Whorey: Whats wrong Brother Negro, you afraid that I learn far more with gay brilliance?

      Martin: Damn it Whorey, enough of this! Just sign the contract.

      Whorey: Then follow me if you dare, Brother Negro.

      Martin: Aw fuck it. *Follows Whorey*

      Whorey: As you can see, Brother Negro, this is the table that we use to review films.

      Martin: Yeah, this was back during your nerd years.

      Whorey: I do not fuck that nerd shit! I fuck male bootyholes with my gay brilliance!

      Martin: You’re out of your mind you piece of shit.

      Ray: Hey Martin, catch! *Throws Martin a puppet*

      Martin: *Catches puppet* What is wrong with you!

      Whorey: *Hits Martin over the head with a bootywand (dildo)* AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH =D

      *Picks up Martin and slams Martin through the table leaving him unconscious*

      As you can see people, Whorey Coleman is a sick fuck. #FuckKorey

    • Cuddly Influence

      Danielle’s reviews are what my gf thinks of movies.

    • Justin Perea

      Film it Ray if you expect people to believe you.

    • Justin Perea

      There might be infinitate universes but for what we know there is only one. There are trillions of galaxies, so it’s easy to imagine there being other life out there. Now that life being able to get to Earth is a little harder to believe.

    • Justin Perea

      To the person who called about being a physics major.

      Stay in.
      I was an accounting major for 3 years, almost graduated and then switched to what I really hope wanted to do, physics. Specifically astrophysics. I haven’t done hard math since high school and it was hard to get back in to it. I really want to succeed so I was watching YouTube math videos for ever to do good. I’m now taking higher up level physics classes like quantum 1 and its still hard. But these classes are hard for everyone so just push through.
      If you really love it, you’ll make the time to be good at it.

      Good luck, stick with what you love. If you need to retake the classes do it. One extra semester isn’t much in the long run.

    • dholdt

      Europe is not one country like USA. So to say that Europe as a whole is way worse towards Syrian refugees than USA is just plain wrong. Sure some countries are bad, really bad like the U.K, and some have gotten worse during the peak of the refugee crisis like Denmark (where I’m from). But compared to the U.S., European countries have, as off 2015, taken more that 1,3 million refugees, where USA have taken around 10.000 total, all of which are more or less hand picked.
      So telling Danielle to go “read something” is maybe not really fair.

    • That Guy Jv

      It would be great to have a spoiler show with with Sammy, Ray and Danielle

    • Thomas

      I can actually relate to Rays connected dream.
      I was about 3 or 4 years old but I still remember it to this day.

      I dreamt that me and my mother was in the park until suddenly a giant bird/Raven/harpy swooped down, dug its claws into its claws into my skin and then flew away with me in its later.

      I woke up from this and started crying. I learned later that my mom had the exact same dream and woke up on the exactly same time as me. When I told her I had the same dream she got kinda freaked out.

      What was also freaky was that when I fell asleep again the creature was on top of the bedpost over my head. It flew over too the bedpost by my feet, looked directly at me while being completely stationary and said only one sentence “whatever you do, whatever you try, you will fail at life and I will get you when you fall”. When I woke up the creature was still there. Though I quickly found out that a freak coincidence with a lamp, morning light though the curtains, light from the door and the darkness of the room made a perfect optical illusion of the creature.

      Also thank you for reading my email :)

    • theboogieman

      dholdt is right, Korey’s misinformed, and ignorant as fuck as well. And to spout that ignorant, misinformed bullshit about Europe, and then to dismiss Danielle like that, saying ‘read a book’, is sleazy and sexist as hell. Korey’s the fucking one that needs to read a book.

      Have a quick Google of Germany and Sweden, and Italy in regards to the refugees they’ve taken in, then look up how many Syrian refugees that America has taken in, because you clearly have no clue, and then come back and tell us that America’s so much fucking better.

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