November 8

The Weekly Roast and Toast – 11-8-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

November 8

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    • InfiniteMega

      So Whorey, you mean to tell me that you support a woman like Hilary Clinton that’s into some weird witchcraft that involves eating a substance that contains blood and sperm? You’re a sick fuck, Whorey Coleman. I hope Martin kicks your ass after you and your two Mexican sex slaves assaulted him. #FuckKorey

    • CptPeanutButter

      When’s the Mister Doctor Strange spoiler review coming

    • InfiniteMega

      Hilary is a bigger racist than Trump. #FuckKorey.

    • Prop Mark

      America is very racist. Obama’s presidency shined a black light on that bacteria.

    • InfiniteMega

      And Donald Trump wins. The people woke up, Whorey Coleman. They’re not fooled by you’re homo sorcery.

      The only people upset by Trump winning are feminazis and faggot Social Justice Pussies who automatically accuse people of being racist or homophobic.


    • ReallyDude

      My president is orange, now i’m blue & to all you Umpa Lumpas F U.

    • Skyrider

      I love that wonder woman song. Don’t really get the problem with it

    • renjdavis

      Well the Republicans won the House, Senate, majority of state legislatures, majority of governorships, and get to pick the Supreme Court, so they effectively control all of the levers of power in the country. A lot of people are focusing on President Trump and what to do for the next 4 years, but people forget how crucial Congress is and how the next 2 years are just as, if not more, important.

      • renjdavis

        I think this election says less about Trump and more about how much people are dissatisfied with the people in power and how strong the dislike is for Clinton.

      • KwameO

        Its funny you should mention that because Hilary did nothing to support the down ballot. The DNC became the HNC the second she made her bid for the white house. The only time she came out to support candidates running for the house or senate is when it was politically expedient for her to do so (which summarizes her political career in a nutshell).

    • Ginny L.

      In regards to Wonder Woman’s theme music, if they used a more traditional, classical instrument to do the main riff rather than electric, then I would have liked the music even more. The soundtrack has yet to be released, but I want music that would be fitting to Wonder Woman’s background. I imagined something like this:

    • thomasearlva

      a lot of people do good but don’t discount that another set of a lot of people do bad to unravel, discredit, and upend the good and with relatively less effort . . so yeah, do something and keep in mind somebody else is working against for their good or bad view/


      trump is not a racist, that’s just an act to win the racist votes but he’s going to fuck up the economy really bad like greece

The Weekly Roast & Toast

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