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    • The Cunninlynguist

      First Carol Brady now Jason Seaver :(

      Don’t recall you guys calling out Alan Thicke maybe you aren’t cursed

    • Van

      That Rosario Dawson-Katherine Heigl team-up you’ve been begging for is finally here.

    • Prop Mark

      Great rant by Martin on the decay of our society and the arts.

    • Gene

      The Fits. It is a very strange movie.

    • Gene

      Oh Martin, things are getting better. Half of America always was in the dark times.

    • Prop Mark

      This was an OK show. Once Martin threw Goodwin under the bus, Goodwin has been in a funk. The crew will rebound next show.

    • CptPeanutButter

      Come on Martin, wtf I was waiting for you to say, “The Barbie movie would be *pause looks at camera* a TrainWreck”.

    • Chill

      Fuckin BRAVO tonight for the show. Martin my nigga


      watch wisecrack the philosophy of south park

    • cesar-valdovinos

      That pastor, or whatever he is, is a prick.

    • Wayne

      “Let the hate flow through you, Martin. I’m tryna get paid.”

    • Naruto

      Sammy stop interrupting you fat fuck

    • Martin

      Get rid of Denise. She doesn’t work on the show and she’s annoying.

    • mikebrown924

      You guys are the only ones I’ve heard say that they don’t like the Wonder Woman theme song.

    • Floorwax

      Korey provoking his co-hosts deliberately in order to get youtube hits is as bottom of the barrel as those CSPAN journalists and A&E’s shift towards shitty reality TV. Seriously dude, you don’t have to resort to that kind of bullshit.

      • Rebecca

        I don’t know why he suddenly got this bad about it, but in the past few shows he’s really noticably started deliberately talking shit about everyone for no reason. Calling out his co-hosts is entertaining when he has an actual point (and, hey, it’s always kind of been part of these shows), but he’s at the point where he just cuts people off and then calls them out for not saying something worthy. Like Danielle said yesterday (?), they can’t even get a word in.

    • Doc Sportello

      I got some satisfaction when Martin defended himself >:) heh heh

    • Doc Sportello

      Coleman, Martin, Goodwin, Denise, Felix, Trump, Kanye, Santa and Jesus….Lots of tension on this show.

    • datcrud

      You will never stop talking about Kanye. Just stop it already.

    • datcrud

      I like how Korey worked really hard to get a great point from Martin. Buy Korey had nothing.

    • corporatedrone

      Great show as always, but one star off for Korey making it tense. Martin has said before that Korey stopping a show to address something makes it worse than leaving it alone and addressing it off air. Don’t care if you don’t think Martin is not bringing it. Move on to the next thing then. Not everything you prepped for the show is gonna hit. I thought Martin/Goodwin were doing just fine. But I also have resting bitch face. =D

    • Soapscum

      I’m pretty sure Trump is going to appoint that Jesus guy as his Secretary of Education.