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    • Justin Z

      Yay! Christopher Nolan is taking a break from science fiction and comic books to do some World War II goodness!

    • mauricio

      you guys have to talk about despicable me 3 just for martin’s reaction alone

    • CptPeanutButter

      WTF you guys just spoiling the movies now.

    • Space Cop

      Y’all need some audience direction cues or something; the crowd looked half asleep when Korey cut to them at the start of the review.

    • Soapscum

      It’s so reassuring to hear that about ‘Rogue One.’ I was worried that those re-shoots would make it Star Wars’ ‘Suicide Squad.’ Throughout this miserable, disappointing year; it’s good that this won’t be a disappointment, especially as a huge ‘Star Wars’ nerd! That said, the CG Grand Moff Tarkin sounds kind of cringe worthy. I’m bracing myself for that. I’m even more excited for it than I was previously now in spite of that!

    • thomasearlva

      That Walking Dead stuff is mostly straight out of the books, minus the people who aren’t in the source material. This is Kirkman’s baby both on paper and on screen with slight variation, especially with the current showrunners.

    • julien