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    • CptPeanutButter

      As silly and goofy DT shows can be, what’s with all the hate for this movie. Whenever they review comedies like this, I just ignore them. Because they become obnoxious film snobs. Maybe it’s because it’s Oscar season for them being so uptight. But it’s still annoying.

    • Twilight Ronin

      “…Or we were just in a room with people who aren’t very bright”
      Damn…God forbid that some people have a different sense of humor than yours. I don’t know why you guys always have to go out of your way to poop on audiences that laugh at comedies that y’all don’t find funny.

      Also, I don’t see how movies like this will get a fair review on this site when it seems that whoever finds the movie funny is afraid of being mocked or shamed by the rest of the DT crew for enjoying the flick.

      • Fusrahdo

        They are tired of seeing these “shock” comedies I don’t blame them they have to watch all of them.

      • Twilight Ronin

        That was Grits that made the insulting statement, and he only just started reviewing movies.

    • Naruto

      Fantastic spoiler talk

    • TheJuggernaut

      You guys hate on low brow comedies, but your humor is kinda the same

      • Infinity Jackal

        That’s what makes their criticisms of low brow comedy so hilarious. They make easy fat jokes all the time then bash movies for making easy fat jokes. Korey makes racially steretypical jokes about angry, loud black women all the time then acts as though he’s offended when movies do the same. Maybe they hold movies to higher standards, but the success of their shows make it obvious that people love low brow humor.

    • That Guy Jv

      See you guys in Dallas

    • COOP

      wait the spoiler talk isnt there for me. it just cuts out at about 2 hours in

    • Tastyfools

      well the character is supposed to be over the top. Next they will be talking about why does star-wars have explosions in space…

    • ReallyDude

      So was there a problem with the video for the spoiler segment?

    • Elana

      Scroll down for the spoiler talk. This may have been an update to the page.