December 19

The Casual Call In Show – 12-19-16

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The Casual Call In Show

December 19

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    • Ladyplf

      Omg I hate when star wars fanatics attack casual fans who have not invested their whole life in it. I don’t like star wars because of the fans. I’ve seen the movies and they are meh.

      • That Guy Jv

        That’s one reason I don’t like Star Wars, the hardcore fans and now with a new film coming out each year, I have to read nothing but Star Wars posting and bitching on social media.

    • Gene

      If Viola Davis would have snotted in Suicide Squad, it would have been a bigger hit!

    • Wayne

      Sammy is correct that lightsaber duels in the Star Wars prequels had unimpressive choreography, but he is wrong to think that lightsaber duels in the original Star Wars trilogy were very impressive.

      All of the lightsaber duels in Star Wars movies have been boring. The cartoons have been more creative with saber battles.

      • Wayne

        Korey is also incorrect about movies not always being entertaining. To entertain is to keep the attention of the audience. This counts whether the audience is excited, sad, or intrigued.

        I don’t know any movies specifically made to not keep people’s attention. Danielle is correct on this one.

    • datcrud

      fucking star wars man…

    • Nic-DB

      This show was hilarious!

    • Floorwax

      Kind of disappointing to hear Korey rail against Goodwin and Will just because they have differing opinions. Maybe someone needs to go on a rant about Korey going into histrionics over every movie.

    • julien

      YES! WATCH THE ROOM!!!!!

The Casual Call In Show

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