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    • Kevin King

      What about Fences? I thought you guys watched that already.

    • Adrianne

      I saw Lion back in October. Wonderful movie. Can’t wait to see what you guys think of it.

    • Ceaseless

      It’s been so hard not watching any streams this week. I’m saving all the podcasts for the long trek home for the holidays.

    • fred sanford

      Y’all are slippin’, where all the other mooveez at? Fences, Silence, A Monsyer Calls? C’mon fam.

      Love the shows and shit though, good work

    • Tastyfools

      Korey i get that you understand why he woke her up. Understanding something is no the same as saying its justified.

    • Infinity Jackal

      I love Midnight Special, but I’ve never cared about most of Speilberg’s golden era films except Raiders of the Lost Ark and of course that’s a big exception.

    • Doc Sportello

      I get where both sides are coming from in regards to the moral tangent, or the lack of such, in the movie. I agree with Martin and Goodwin that ultimately, it’s a case that doesn’t leave much room for justification.

      But with Coleman, I agree that with the space madness and isolation, anybody would succumb to doing what Pratt’s character did. Not sure if that specifically was his argument but that’s what I got from it. Martin says a year isn’t long, but I feel it’s worth considering human perception when having to live in a confined space, forced to live with the same limitations and restrictions without a clear sense of time. Now living in that scenario for X amount of years…I feel we’d all go nuts and do what he did, no matter in tact our morals are…..But why are we going this deep? Fuck Passengers.

    • terronj

      Will should get a shirt or a facial tattoo that says “feel free to press skip” whenever he’s on screen. I think the only time I care about anything associated with him is when he gets in trouble or they are roasting him for screwing up.