December 22

The Movie Review Extravaganza Part 2 – 12-22-16

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

December 22

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    • Paradox

      Korey’s going to give Fences a “Better Than Sex” for sure.

    • That Guy Jv

      Goddamn, are they just releasing movie after movie just to take away money from Star Wars?

    • Adrian

      Thank you for not spoiling Elle. Another Toasty saw the film and hated it so much she decided the best thing to do would be to spoil it for our benefit. It sucks, I really wanted to see this movie.

    • datcrud

      Yall need to add more women on the show.

    • thomasearlva

      No, I believe Jerry Lewis would spit out the Double Toasted Crew. just not as quickly and there would probably be a Korey FU said to the Whyser. It’d be Ru Paul vs Uncle Miltie in that house. Maybe. Now, how you cut the interview together after the fact would show the saltiness of the Lewis.

    • CptPeanutButter

      Elle might be my favorite movie this year.

    • cesar-valdovinos

      Rogue one was the best game adaption movie. That shit was based on the Dark Forces.

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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