December 27

The Weekly Roast and Toast – 12-27-16

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

December 27

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    • MarcusK

      This will be a special Roast & Toast indeed. RIP Carrie Fisher, the best space princess in 12 parcecs!

    • Soapscum

      Worst. Year. Ever. And it’s still not over!

    • shadeybaby

      I’ll see you guys at the show tonight. I am in Austin and ready for the roast!

    • thomasearlva

      I’ve never really kept up with the yearly death count regarding celebrities, but it seems one of the recent worst outside of a war situation. And like people are saying, there are still days to go . . . also, the gate of a year means little, if January is as bad . . death doesn’t care about calendars.

      • Soapscum

        Very true. But this year sucks for more reasons than just celebrity deaths. Certainly every year has good and bad events that happen, but it seems as though this year as a whole was miserable just for its timing with negative, horrible stuff happening all over the world and to nearly all of humanity. Getting President Pussygrabber out of it should be enough for the history books, but even taking him out of it, this year still sucked the big one on nearly every level. Hell, we couldn’t even get a decent movie about Superman fighting Batman out of it.
        And for me personally, beyond all that, this year was truly the worst. This isn’t the place for me to get into any of the private shit that occurred in my life, but I’m not exaggerating or being hyperbolic about what an upsetting 366 days it has been.

    • Adrianne


    • Power to the 99&

      Yes 2016 has been a ruff damn year all together. Lets hope no more deaths for the last days of 2016.

    • Danny

      Watch out Mark Hamill, stay away from planes. ! Its like final destination, Harrison Ford was in an airplane crash last year but survived, Carrie fisher had a heart on a plane. Death is waiting.

    • CptPeanutButter

      The Death Class of 2016 is fucking lit


      since my lover is death I’ll be hanging around with the best I am VIP after all baby!!!

    • David Monteiro

      Anyone else having trouble watching this?

    • CptPeanutButter

      Larry King is next

    • kas64

      Jesse Shade is a star waiting to be discovered!

      • shadeybaby

        This is my mom, guys. She bought the show specifically so she could see me on it. LOLZ.

    • Floorwax

      Sounds like your chat with Felix didn’t work.

    • Ryan

      Did Martin say Chuck Norris is too evil to die? What did he do?

    • pegasus

      gertz is a funny dude

    • cesar-valdovinos

      you have to manually change the language setting on netflix to english when watching anime.

    • thomasearlva

      One day Korey will learn to play background videos that don’t drown out the volume on Martin/Korey G when they’re talking. Maybe . . he’s not a mix master.

The Weekly Roast & Toast

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