December 5

The Casual Call In Show – 12-5-16

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The Casual Call In Show

December 5

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    • InfiniteMega

      Hey Whorey, are you finally going to acknowledge how bad and currently worse the people that didn’t vote for Trump are? Or you’re going to be the faggot, racist piece of shit that you are and continue to lie about how faggots like you are in “good spirits” after Donald Trump won?

      You claim that white people can’t be discriminated so that right there is proof that you’re a racist bitch. Oh yeah, you also said that you want Donald Trump dead, so you’re not a good person.

      And no faggot, I’m not the only one pointing out how much of a liar you are. I’m sure you saw the comments on YouTube in respond to the recent video you put out about Trump supporters and I’m pretty sure you saw the lambasting that you got.


      • hardcorehenry

        dude there was one garbage can on fire. and some loud ass people on the streets. most of these weren’t riots, they were peaceful protests. Saying fuck somebody and not my president does not make you violent. And there are more than one type of people who did not support Trump. I highly doubt everyone out there is a “Faggot” that listens to Double toasted and thinks like Korey.

      • Carl Liggins

        Can I come to a page on this site without your bullshit for one day? And why shouldn’t he be in good spirits? Do you want him to be upset so that you can bitch about that instead? And yes some people who supported Hillary are annoying as shit too but none of them are the KKK, so no they aren’t worse

      • geoffrey brown

        man your right……. i never noticed it but your completely right about Korey. i mean its hard to ignore that youve made excellent points…… so how can i find your podcast/website where i can learn about movies and media, and laugh and cry with a variety of hillarious host. when is your aniversary party , and pub crawl i would love to support that over some RACIST!!!!!…. THATS right you dont have your own platform. so SHUT THE FUCK UP bro . If you dont like this show go watch media thats not racist like fox news, info wars, and storm front where u get all your talking points from .

        Theres an open invintation to his show everyday, yet you choose to bitch on your laaptop everyday.

    • skull24

      If you’re looking for something funny. This might be for you.

    • Twilight Ronin

      Korey, I hope you were pulling Danielle’s legs when you implied that she and Martin didn’t do a good job during the “Mummy” trailer talk.

      • radiocarolla

        I know. It seemed he heard the puns in the beginnnng (which he hates) then couldn’t get over it for the rest of the review. Cause they contributed.

      • Twilight Ronin

        Lol…I doubt Korey’s that petty, but it is puzzling as to why he’d say both she and Martin had nothing to contribute when they both clearly had interesting takes on the trailer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Patrick Lazar

      great show! danielle was on fire!

    • pixi4688

      I meant no disrespect with my email about Pixie the puppy just wanted to educate people on Tea cup breeds as ive seen first hand the dark side of the breeding practices never would I think you are abusive to Animals Korey you and Mia will make great parents to her :)

    • datcrud

      Ban InfiniteMega. There is no point to all the hate post. They are garbage.

    • Wayne

      I hope Korey realizes that Martin and Danielle’s puns were much more interesting than any discussion than they could have had about Mummy. They did good work.

      And it is really annoying when Korey focuses on the appearance of every caller, especially females. It is degrading the quality of discussion on the shows.

    • Justin Perea

      I thought Danielle did fine during the trailer review. So Korey was kidding right?

      • That Guy Jv

        I agree. I thought she did great….except the, “its on Egypt,” part lmao
        I think Korey got upset when Martin said, “I got nothing.”

    • Justin Perea

      Danielle, atheist just means lack of belief in god(s). You can be agnostic atheist and gnostic atheist. Just as well as agnostic theist and gnostic theist. You’re describing hard atheist.
      Most atheist (if they are rational) are agnostic atheist.
      Actually it might be more complicated than that because you can be agnostic atheist to certain gods and gnostic atheist to others.

    • Justin Perea

      “real to them” that statement honestly disgusts me.

    • Lowkey

      If you want to watch a real professional rapper freestyle watch Lowkey Fire In The Booth.

    • Kadeem The Dream

      I like Martin and Danielle together, calm down Korey

    • Justin Perea

      Arrival is easily my favorite movie ever. I wish you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Better than sex, easily.

    • Floorwax

      I think its a bit unfair to say that Martin and Danielle didn’t contribute enough to the Mummy trailer discussion. I mean, this isn’t the show for trailer viewing anyway.

    • driving_sloth

      Love Martin and Danielle on this show!

    • RedKool8

      Danielle and Korey are very entertaining together!

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