April 17

The Sunday Service – 4-17-16

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The Sunday Service

April 17

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    • InfiniteMega

      Hey, bitch. Seeing how I speaking for the community. . . . . . . . In order to rectify you lying about booty-fucking Korey Goodloser, I demand for you to ask Robert Cargill, a Marvel guy, his thoughts on Batman v. Superman. If not, may you get fucked up the booty-hole with a BLACK dildo, not white. #FuckKorey.

      • Caleb

        Speak for yourself dude, and quit being so fucking extra all the time lol

      • MarcusK

        I’m saying straight up either offer constructive criticisms of DT so the crew can address them or end this. Nothing from you but vile, unbelievably ridiculous rhetoric. You speak for no one but yourself

    • CptPeanutButter

      I CANT WAIT FOR THIS FUCKING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Korey and Danielle has blessed us this Sunday with Godfrey and Cargill

    • Adrianne

      Looking forward to the show! It’s always good to see Cargill :)


      #fuckCargill #fuckkorey

    • boblebob

      what happened to that game where we guess what happened on a previous show? that was a smart way to promote other content from other shows

    • Kadeem The Dream

      Ayyyy, they got my mans Godfrey, and Cargill? Nice nice

    • hedgehogkiller1990

      Anyone else having trouble watching?


      very interesting point on the doctor strange gender bender and its politics on which country to piss more and the millions marvel might lose if catering to one for the other country.

    • MarcusK

      Simply one of the best episodes of The Sunday Service, EVER!

    • Kevin King

      Great show. Please let Cargill come back anytime he wants. I could listen to him talk all day.

    • Ginny L.

      Super happy to see Cargill doing so well, especially to see him work with Marvel.

      And a neat insight on the whole race issue about the Ancient One. You really can’t win with SJW’s, at this point. Especially with the extremists.

    • Henro Tee

      Very solid argument from Cargill on the ancient one situation. I was actually very pissed about it when I first heard about the racebending, but he actually changed my mind. It is a tricky situation. I still think it’s a shame that because of many political and financial reasons that it isn’t possible to have an asian actor in the role, but I get it.

      Having said that, there is absolutely no excuse for the ghost in the shell casting. That story about making ScarJo look more asian is some straight BS.

    • Doge

      Cargill you legend

    • Wayne

      After working on a project with Marvel Studios, Name Dropper has powered up to Super Name Dropper. When will he ascend to his final form?

      Cargill had some decent points about the ancient one. When there’s that much doubt, just cast a white person and people will get over it because who hasn’t cast a white person in the role of someone who isn’t historically white?

    • kouyang_1990

      Ask Cargill about his “Marvel” paycheck…

    • Sun God

      Godfrey was cool af. Cargille too. Great show.

    • CoffeeSpill

      Godfrey came on strong, yo. Strait to ‘awkward’ white expressions and silence in the room, lol. Turned around to a great bit though. He funny.

    • boblebob

      you guys should put up the cargill clip on youtube as soon as possible. an interview with the writer of dr strange would surely get you loads of views from non toasties

    • Loxa

      Great show guys!! Cargill gave some very cool insights about the life at Marvel without spoiling anything! Congrats guys!! :)

    • CoffeeSpill

      Great to see/hear Cargill again!

    • KwameO

      “So anti-racist your racist” dam KG hit the nail right on the head. Tired of hearing about these silly complaints of appropriation when theirs real problems out there. Plus every-time a minority takes a white character role its the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when its the reverse people act like Mississippi is still burning. Consistency would be nice on these issues.

      • Soapscum

        I don’t know, from what you described to me, that’s more false equivalency than consistency.

      • Double Toasted

        They’re only silly because they don’t directly affect you. I don’t mind if people have different opinions, but I find it troubling how easily we dismiss other people’s valid concerns as ‘silly’. Especially when another group when have those same concerns if it happened to them. The lack of empathy in people staggers me. And clearly you don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘racist’ if you think at least listening to the concerns of others is the same thing.

      • KwameO

        @Soap, you literally have two people doing the same thing yet one is praised for the color of the skin and the other is demonized for it. This is hardly a false equivalency unless your saying that equality is only good when it benefits your tribe. If it’s good for the goose, then it’s good for the gander.

      • KwameO

        @DT, Hopefully you’re not suggesting that in order for me to have an opinion on an issue it has to directly affect me. Even if it didn’t directly affect me, which it in fact does, this doesn’t mean I have to turn off my brain. Once upon a time an objective stance on an issue and consistency were held up as the standard for intellectual honesty, sad that has gone by the way side.

        It is silly because people are approaching this the wrong way. Simply blackwashing preexisting white characters does not solve the problem. We need to lift up minority voices not black face white ones. It is also silly because it ignores a bigger problem in today’s media, creativity. I can assure you that simply blackwashing white characters with no thought does not make for a more interesting character. Quite the opposite, it creates a false sense of accomplishment were no one bothers to dig deeper and solve the true problems facing a lack of representation, more minority content creators. Worse yet it perpetuates this narrative that an individual is beholding to their respective cultures good or bad. This propagates harmful stereotypes, which is racist, and undermine any attempt for minority content creators to create new things. We repeat this cycle over and over and over again, it’s exhausting.

        Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Your right I shouldn’t have said silly, it’s INSANE!!!

    • Soapscum

      Not to discount Godfey’s experiences performing on college campuses or anything, but I get kind of irked by when comedians complain about their audiences in regards to ‘political correctness’. I like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld, and the almost infinite other comics who complain about this stuff just fine; but audiences have the right to not like your jokes even if they pay admission and take a chance on booking you. That’s just how it is, whether it’s because your offensive or just plain unfunny to them. And I’m not one of them, I enjoy black and blue comedy and I don’t personally get offended at much, but I’m not going to speak for other college-aged people out there.
      Additionally, on social media you always see these articles and stories about how overly sensitive college students are. That may be true in some circumstances, but it’s never this war on the first amendment (which actually only applies to the government and its relationship to the private citizen) that it’s made out to be, there is usually always more to those stories and they are usually exaggerated for the sake of getting the reaction that our multicultural youth are out of control in terms of their sensitivities. Outrage culture happens on the not overly sensitive side too. If anything, comedians and the anti-PC crowd are as sensitive sometimes for not being able to accept that speech, expression, criticism, and how society advances is a two-way street.

      • kesiamonteith

        This entire comment deserves an A+ :)

        And yes, why do comedians get bent out of shape when people call them out? Isn’t that part of the success of their job, to cause a stir of some sort? They should relish in that!

      • KwameO

        Soap if it was just vocalizing your dislike for a certain comedian or joke then it would be fine. But you and I know good and well it’s not just that. Many of these people are no platforming comedians/musicians/performers they don’t like simply because of a difference of opinion. They use there freedom of speech to silence others. That’s not right and creates an environment that stops creative expression over time.

      • KwameO

        Also politics is down wind of culture and wider society. If you have a society which believes it’s ok to silence others who have a difference of opinion instead of debating ideas you will eventually have representatives of that society pushing for the same in politics. Suppresion of freedom of speech is nothing to scaugh at it is real and notably effects minority voices the harshest as there’s are the least supported.

      • pen

        in full agreement here and couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • That Guy Jv

      Lmao Korey and Danielle, the new comedic duo

    • Lowkey

      Just a suggestion for the next time you have a guest on and want to take questions. Make an announcement on Twitter and tell us to ask questions using a hashtag (e.g #DTAskCargill). Then have Danielle, Martin or Korey G filter through them. That’s how Collider does it. I say this, because there was alot of questions about Dr Strange that were left unanswered. Like:

      1) Should we expect the movie to be scary or dark given you’re both from horror backgrounds?

      2) How big is Rachel McAdams part. Or is she reduced to being wasted as a nurse?

      • pen

        i hope they do end up doing this bc that’s a p cool way of using their twitter / being interactive in a quicker way than filtering thru emails. at least, that’s what i’d think!

    • kouyang_1990

      Korey standing up for the Asian people!!!

    • kouyang_1990

      Also I though Cargill’s reason on why the Ancient One is pretty legit. China is a huge market and they do not like hearing that TIbet and Taiwan are different countries.

    • The WB

      Congrats to you guys getting your Podcast mentioned on site related to comic book related info. Keep up the good work!!

      • Lowkey

        Yeah, it’s nice how it’s given Double Toasted so much coverage. I’ve seen it mentioned on several sites like GamesRadar and the MCU exchange and Youtube channels have also mentioned it.

        They just seem to make the mistake of thinking The Sunday Service is the name of the site!

    • kanthan931

      the second interview was really insightful

    • Lowkey

      Wait a sec. Cargill said the reason they didn’t cast an Asian person for the Ancient One was partly because of the political issue involving Tibet and China…but Feige has said that Tibet won’t be referenced in the movie, but rather he goes East. So why can’t they cast an Asian actor if they’re not going to Tibet anyway?

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