August 21

The Sunday Service – 8-21-16

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The Sunday Service

August 21

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    • InfiniteMega

      Do you honestly believe your fake-ass engagement is fooling me you little bitch? Once the community began to wake up to the faggotry that your trying to decorate this world with to increase your homosexual power level that your trying to keep hidden from the public, you pull this propaganda on people.

      We all know that you spend most of your time with Sammy’s fat ass using a double-sided booty-wand to play tug of war with your guys’ bootyholes than you do with this Ms Mia person.

      You want to know why you keep doing an impression of a African man when trying to do a impression of Ms Mia? That’s because your fucking a African man.

      Wake the fuck up, people. Whorey Coleman got you all fooled. #FuckKorey

    • Ren Davis

      Ryan Lochte and Gabby Douglas aren’t comparable. Everyone expects this of Lochte and aren’t surprised by this behavior. When he first told this story everyone was dubious of his story because he has a douchebag history and persona, and most people associated him with being the fratboy who isn’t as good as Phelps. Douglas on the other hand was America’s sweetheart who seemed to have a bad attitude when she wasn’t the number one gymnast anymore. I think people were being too harsh on her, but I can understand the different context between someone that no one cares about doing things that they expect versus someone that people loved seeming a little cold and distant when she wasn’t in the spotlight anymore. If Lochte and Douglas had comparable statures in the media you would have a point, but that isn’t the case. It’s the difference between Paris Hilton fucking up (Lochte), and someone as beloved as Jennifer Lawrence seeming like they have a bad attitude when things don’t go their way (Douglas).

      • Barksdale

        The majority of ppl dont know who Lochte is other than a swimmer they see every 4 years. Also Gabby was not upset at not receiving more attention(where are u getting this from ?). She had been constantly bombarded by bullies online

      • Ren Davis

        @Barksdale The point I was making is that people don’t care about Lochte. They’re only aware of him every now and then for a reality series and not being as good as Phelps, and in those short moments people generally think he’s a douche. What I’m saying with Gabby is that she seemed closed off and distant unlike the other gymnasts so there were a lot of people feeling that she was bitter that she wasn’t the top anymore. That could be far from the truth, but that doesn’t stop people from feeling that way about her. I’ve seen a lot of people say that they think she’s a little bitter when they watch the team interviews or footage of the team. She didn’t seem as open as the others and being the only member not at the closing ceremony didn’t help. It’s similar to Ronda Rousey not liking Phelps too much because he was a closed off and introverted person, therefore not as open as other athletes. Personally, I don’t mind Douglas’s attitude or persona at the Olympics, but putting myself in other people’s shoes then I can see why people would think the quiet one who isn’t as talkative or friendly with the other girls is a bit bitter. I’ve gotten similar reactions in my life, so no big deal. Yeah there are bullies online, but what else is new. I don’t put much stock into those people. I’m just saying that in my experience I’ve talked to quite a bit of people and seen comments about her not being as friendly at this Olympics.

    • Wayne

      Korey’s “Bro” should absolutely return. He was the best part of the show.

    • Soapscum

      That David’s Pizza guy needs to form a duo with Bishop Bullwinkle of “Hell to the No” fame.

    • Vaughn Hikari

      That drunk night is freakin’ gold. I was dying.

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