September 11

The Sunday Service – 9-11-16

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The Sunday Service

September 11

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    • InfiniteMega

      Whorey’s Mexican sex slaves, Sammy and Ray, have to shove a brick up Whorey’s bootyhole in order to pleasure him. #FuckKorey

    • shadeybaby

      You are welcome, Korey! I certainly didn’t wanna interrupt your flow, but when you can’t be heard on the show, it’s a huge problem. Just keep in mind I’m usually working on Sundays during the show, so I can’t always be there to alert you to these things. Make sure you’re careful, and if anyone in the chat wants to call Korey themselves to warn him of a problem when I’m not there, please do so and for the love of God, don’t abuse your privilege.

    • ironarmor

      Props to the chat’er that started talking about the 9/10 High Score. It was a real treat after watching Jackie! :D

    • Manil Arachchige

      GOOD GODDAMN! Jackie is amazing on that guitar.

    • Christian

      Please bring Korey G on the Sunday Service when Korey is gone for his vacation. Korey G and Martin have great chemistry.

      Also put Danielle on more movie reviews, she was funny and brought a different side to the Sully review.

      Oh and Jackie is always a great guest, it’s too bad she couldn’t hang around more. Can you guys spotlight every guest you have on your shows on your YouTube channel? You would give them great exposure if you did that.

    • Justin Perea

      Love Jackie’s music. Except for that laugh she does when she sings.

    • Kadeem The Dream

      How do people not know it’s Korey when he calls….holy shit

    • Ginny L.

      Jackie is so damn awesome! I love her sense of humour and her music is fantastic. I wish she could show up more in other shows.

    • Charles Armstrong

      I work at a Regal Theater mostly in the ticket booth, and you would be surprised by the number of people who don’t choose the “free movie” option when they have enough points. I would say about 6/10 people choose popcorn or a drink. Confuses me every time.

    • datcrud

      Nutella gives me pasty shits.

    • dlfouche


    • April Johnson

      Jackie V is amazing! Love her energy

    • Wayne

      I like that Korey instantly jumped to calling Martin a ‘bourgeois negro’ when Martin mentioned Rosemary, and then Korey mentioned through the whole conversation how impressed he was with a bunch of fancy foods.

      Korey’s hypocrisy is what makes these shows entertaining.

    • eatonwilly

      Baby Gurl can jam that gutar

    • Ceaseless

      I fantasize about taming Jackie’s wild spirit and conquering her heart.

    • theboogieman

      Man, that Uncle T-Bone bit had me cracking the fuck up, more than I have in a while. Jackie Vinson also was a really good guest this time round I thought, too.

      That story with the homeless woman had me really conflicted though. I think Korey was wrong for filming the homeless woman, and those kids were absolutely right for confronting Korey, even though at the same time, I understand Korey’s point also in regards to confronting the lady.

    • Tastyfools

      Show starts at 1:04:20

    • April Johnson

      Looking back at this and it feels like Jackie is like Korey’s younger sister. That’s why he can’t stand her some days haha

    • Elana

      DAMN Jackie is gorgeous!

    • kanthan931

      Korey is on stellar form lately

    • kanthan931

      when tragedy hits in some faraway land, no cares because it’s too distant and the people are not relatable, when 9/11 hit, it hit Olympus, the golden fortress and for the first time it made people feel fragile in a first world country, to be fair it makes sense. Here in the UK, When the French attacks happened it was all over facebook and the news, same time Pakistan was hit with 280 murders and hardly got a mention. It called selective compassion

    • RedKool8

      This was one of the best shows ever done by y’all. That bit where Jackie was messing around with the screen made by Korey’s ass had me in actual tears.

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