September 18

The Sunday Service – 9-18-16

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The Sunday Service

September 18

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    • InfiniteMega

      Hey bitch, is your girl going to tell you what costume to put on for Halloween like last year you whipped whore?


    • eatonwilly

      preshow debate; i agree with martin improve jokes shouldn’t be called out during live shows. i get all his jokes cause it reflects the foundation of what the show is about even korey said to keep the dialog going no matter how awkward the out come.

      • jnet

        Ditto here. I like Martin’s jokes, as well as those references I may not get. If I hear one, I’ll find out what it means later and learn something new and different. They add intelligence and keep things fresh and interesting. Having a variety of perspectives and references keeps the content here from being like every other podcast or show out there that talks about the same sh*t that happened 15 minutes ago and waters it down.

    • InfiniteMega

      No wonder Sammy gets fucked up the ass by Whorey. He’s offended by Clint Eastwood stating some facts about this gen being filled with pussies? #FuckKorey.

    • Naruto

      Fucking hate Sammy you fat fuck

      • Nick Diaz

        I’d love to see you actually say that to the man. Shameful people like you are what gives people on the internet a bad name. Now I know you’re probably upset that some “fat fuck” probably stole your girl or beat your ass back in the day, but it’s time to get over it.

        Grow up, dude.

      • Naruto

        Stop crying bitch and start sucking on korey’s cock more

      • byronXTREME

        lol I like Sammy, but I do not like how oblivious he can be about the possibility of being wrong. Like sometimes he states things so matter of fact and I’m over here like “well….not really..” but of course he’s on the show. Kinda like when he says certain person or people are SO stupid or wrong or pieces of shit just because he can’t see how anyone can think that way or just cause his mind is made up about what he thinks of people like that. Or saying something is SOOO stupid cause he doesn’t “get it”. I hardly insult the man because of it though. just irks me a bit hah Even Korey is way more objective about presenting things, even when he doesn’t agree.

      • The Mexcellence

        @Byron… It’s called speaking with conviction lol but im wrong a lot, but where is there a clear example so I can see where you’re talking about?

        Also, Naruto, I’m never leaving, I will be on every show, I will never improve, I will never get any less fat, theres no escape. =D

    • Justin Perea

      Honestly, I love when I don’t get Martin’s jokes. I thought it was part of the show to have that. It’s kind of like Family guy always referencing old stuff that I will not understand till years later.

    • geoffrey brown

      let martin be let korey be . be yourself dont try to fight the feeling

    • George Petrie

      Hey Martin, if you think Christian Rock is funny, try Christian Death Metal. It’s hilarious!

    • shadeybaby

      Korey, unless you can show me an example of a subscriber giving up the website because of Martin’s references, then you leave the man be. If you make him try to reference new stuff to be hip and with the kids, he’ll come off as fake, and you guys coming off as fake would be far worse than making jokes no one understands. And I say this as someone who does get most of Martin’s references, and I mean that and am not saying it just to be nice.

    • terrellbanks980

      I argued this point a long ass time ago on the call in show, Korey seems to think he knows what people get and what they dont i for one look forward to Martin’s references.

      • CoffeeSpill

        I am the same age as Korey. I get Martin’s references. I look forward to them. The show is about sh*7 talkin one another,… everyone is fair game,.including that Gay Wizard! Laugh it off,..the show must go on!

    • julien

      KOREY AND MARTIN PREACHING THAT TRUTH ON TRUMP. I said it once, I’ll say it again. I love you guys.

    • Elana

      26 and 60 IS creepy and gross. Yes, adults can handle themselves. But stop cheering it on please. Just say “what consenting adults do is their business” and move on. I’ve repeatedly had guys twice my age hitting on me, and I will tell them no, and they keep going! I have a horrible habit of being nice and not wanting to hurt their feelings by flat out saying “you’re too old, it’s gross, leave me alone” (I really should just say that) and I wish people would stop encouraging them because it does have a very real world affect. Don’t rallying for it, and don’t shame it.

    • datcrud

      Rachel Maddow been trying to tell folks about the Alt Right…Yall need to listen.

    • Soapscum

      Ugghhh I can’t wait for this election to be over! And it better end with a Clinton victory because it’s either her or Trump who are going to be victorious. Just completely forget about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, they’re pointless! Make the right decision this November, fellow voting age toasties!

    • Elana

      I hope Fernando is at the Halloween party! I need a fellow Salvadoran to befriend!

    • azeeza22

      Damn..the video doesn’t play on my phone :(

    • kanthan931

      i truly admire how honest Korey, you can always trust a man who loses his shit

    • kanthan931

      I thinking stopping a show for a running gag, with a tumbleweed moment (which is quite funny) and calling someone a retard are two completely different things.

    • kanthan931

      Jimmy fallon is a hack, he lacks integrity, anyone else would have pressed him even a little. All he is doing is advocating Trump by bringing him on and helping his hateful cause

    • RedKool8

      I remember saying Sammy sucks on the shows once. No longer. He’s an excellent edition to the shows that he is on.

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