September 25

The Sunday Service – 9-25-16

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The Sunday Service

September 25

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    • cesar-valdovinos

      Can’t wait, but have to work today

    • Van

      Where’s the High Score?

    • Vill Walle

      I’m just glad Sammy aint doing this one.

      • julien

        stfu it would have been awesome!

      • Vill Walle

        If that’s the lie you have to tell yourself. Sammy is a very nice guy but on camera that dude is super annoying. I’d rather have bad puns from Martin than that dudes bad jokes all day every day.

      • pen

        i can agree he’s improving but i’m also in agreement that it’s still rocky with him sometimes. i know the crew’s trying tho.

    • Danny

      I need my fix Goodwin. HURRY!!!!

      • April Johnson

        There was no show. If you read closely, there is nothing. Perhaps, the Monday show will have better luck. I wonder, will they be back in the studio today? I think that is where majority of the issues stem from…

    • terrellbanks980

      I’m confused…They can stream from a bar but not from Korey’s house where they used to actually stream shows on a regular basis, i mean damn Uncle Korey i know it takes alot to run a show but damn us paying customers be sittin around waiting for our product like crack. Then you give us “sammy aint seen shit” which is lowkey recycled but thats fine now im at work on a hot ass monday forced to listen to old episodes making me miss Tommy n shit because Uncle Korey wants to turn up on vacation and set up all last minute. the first time i ever agree wit infinite mega #fuckKorey

    • Wayne

      Sammy dun fucked up

The Sunday Service

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