September 26

The Casual Call In Show – 9-26-16

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The Casual Call In Show

September 26

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    • thomasearlva

      I’ll see it when I believe it :P

    • InfiniteMega

      Hey Whorey, if the airport runs out of runway for the airplane to take off for your trip back home they can use your big-ass forehead for more room. #FuckKorey

    • terrellbanks980

      I’m confused…They can stream from a bar but not from Korey’s house where they used to actually stream shows on a regular basis, i mean damn Uncle Korey i know it takes alot to run a show but damn us paying customers be sittin around waiting for our product like crack. Then you give us “sammy aint seen shit” which is lowkey recycled but thats fine now im at work on a hot ass monday forced to listen to old episodes making me miss Tommy n shit because Uncle Korey wants to turn up on vacation and set up all last minute. the first time i ever agree wit infinite mega #fuckKorey

    • terrellbanks980

      Dont give me no “maybe we’ll have a stream” aint no “maybes” when yall take seven bucks out my account every month you ol’ make excuses ass negro

    • terrellbanks980

      Uncle Korey be like “its all good shit happens theyll be aiight.” No Nigga we aint alright, he knew for a week the studio was going to be down what was his contingency?
      hand the reigns to sammy who not only hasnt seen shit. has had limited time on camera cuz Korey doesnt trust him enough.

    • Ceaseless

      Martin, Ray and Sam. This should be interesting. :)

    • Adrianne

      Looking forward to it :) Hopefully all goes well.

    • CptPeanutButter

      This show is going to be shit…. cant wait to watch this bullshit tho

    • fred sanford

      It’s not Sammy’s fault, blame #whorey for not being prepared enough to leave quality streaming and shows for his loyal subscribers before going on holiday.

    • Vill Walle

      Fuck… yeah gonna skip this one… Sammy unchained without anyone like Korey to pull him back from super saiyin annoying makes for a disaster. Hell on the sports show he tried to flex with a laptop and a phone talking bout I gets money… but still lives with Korey after leaving his mom’s house.. #fucksammy

    • rayv0891

      Hey everyone, It’s Ray, thanks for watching. This was the first time I’ve operated the cameras and show live so I apologize for any hiccups. I want to thank Sammy for putting everything together (literally the entire studio setup) we wouldn’t have even had a show with out him. Also, thanks to Martin for coming in on his day off. Stay Toasty.

      • Vill Walle

        You did great Ray but you should’ve pulled Sammy back. He derailed the show multiple times by being obnoxious and trying to be the center of attention. Nice guy but Korey knew how to pull him back. He was annoying Sammy tonight. Anyways, you’ve grown a lot dude. You’re still tiny but your talent and hosting ability has grown. #fucksam

      • April Johnson

        I gotta say – Ray did a good job hosting tonight, as someone who was once harsh on Ray – perhaps it’s because I never got to see the best of him and tonight I did. He was accommodating to his guests and precise to the pacing. Show moved so quick and clear – that I missed my own question (that is to the but yeah very well done, kudos to Martin and Sammy as well. not a fan of sports, but I look forward to him having his own platform here
        Btw, thanks for answering my questions – pretty much relate to everyone’s answer!

      • April Johnson

        Deadpool – can you see Sammy was a key part of the overall show’s success? Ray doesn’t stop every moment to screen what the mexcellence or Martin says (I think that’s great, it’s a casual open dialogue) – I know you’ve already determined that you don’t like Sammy, but he is helping to connect the dots here. At least we got a show – my argument last night is that he’s the youngest in his fam, gung ho in his opinion, it’s the millennial syndrome. If Coleman wanted someone more pulled back, he would have hired an older and more experienced person, but he chose Sammy because he has initiative…same with Ray and we all know Martin is a OG. So, this combo for me – worked. Once a month Coleman should let this team take the reign…

      • That Guy Jv

        You did good for your first time but one piece of criticism, y’all should leave the puns to Martin lol

      • Vill Walle

        Look yall… not telling Sammy the truth doesn’t help him out one bit. Saying he’s annoying in the chat but then giving him fake praises doesn’t help him. Dude doesn’t know how to be a co host. I know hes fat but he doesn’t have to be the center of everything. He interrupted Martin and Ray more than Trump did to Hilary…

    • eatonwilly

      sammy, you went overboard with your loud awkward obnoxious rants!! sounded like a guy who escaped from a fucking mental ward, they was painful to watch I mean look at martin and ray reactions to your episodes. I hope corey check yo ass on how to be a co host and martin take ray to new Orleans until sam subscribe to some anti-depressants

    • eatonwilly

      it’s obvious Corey is glue that keeps this blog going, martin is too only if he steps up. I like the blog but your new hosts are not ready yet.

    • JayWIll

      Sam’s a nice guy but they definitely need to pull him back.

      • Mike

        The past couple of weeks, he’s actually been getting much better. But watching this definitely shows that he NEEDS Korey there when he’s on. NEEEEDS. Which isn’t me demeaning Sammy or anything, he’s still fairly new to this, but for right now Korey is the one who really knows how to get Sammy to utilize his strengths. (Ray and Korey G were the same way, but they have definitely found their groove. It’s all about time and practice.

    • Naruto

      Sammy is overweight

    • GoodOl'Eric

      OMG ! Damn you Ray and Sammy. You made me lol on my train ride :)
      Welcome to the 2 Mexicans and a Dominican Show :) lol

    • CptPeanutButter

      How many times do I have to say Samantha is a shit co-host. She needs her Daddy Korey to tell her what to do, and how to do it. FACE IT SAMANTHA YOU WILL NEVER REPLACE TOMMY.

    • CptPeanutButter

      It Ray practice with the camera’s he would be a great host.

    • ArcRequired

      I don’t normally comment but Sammy you should’ve pulled yourself back. Let the other host talk without being interrupted. Still enjoyed the show you though.

    • mainstream05

      Great show! Sammy, the “getting offended schtick” isn’t funny.

    • lfame085

      Great work guys on the show…thoroughly entertaining! And I’m with Martin, I watched Grease 2 before I ever watched Grease. I’ve actually never watched Grease 2 from beginning to end but I can quote the shit out of Grease 2

    • azeeza22

      Good show, but sam talked a lot…pull back -_-

    • Wayne

      I agree with other comments that Sammy should pull back. His yelling was much more obnoxious than it was funny.

      Overall, the show was enjoyable, but that last quarter show was rough with Sammy constantly trying to get a word in without actually saying anything

    • Sukha

      Ray has really soaked in that Coolman persona :D. Ray: “I know you Martin need to go get some sleep” that was some Coolman shit right there lmfao. Martin was Martin, cool as always. Samuell got way too excited…. got pretty annoying but whatever. Should have maybe had Will over or something, that would be interesting.

    • plutoae

      leave sammy alone gatdamit

    • ahmedtadde

      Sammy, with all do respect, I really think you needed to pullback and let Ray be in charge, that is why he was seating in the “pilot” chair. I couldn’t finish the show after 20 or so minutes because, I kept being annoyed by Sam being hyperactive. Again, I usually do enjoy Sam putting in a few words here and there… but, I have to say, today is arguably Sam’s worst show. May be, long-term, Sammy in small doses and him doing his magic being the scene (as a co-producer). That’s just my opinion.

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