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    • Malcolm Thomas

      The DT Crew could say that the Fences trailer is dogshit and wouldn’t care at all. I’m getting Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. Hurry up and take my money please

    • April Johnson

      Who is hosting tonight and when is Coleman back?

    • Monty Datta


    • That Guy Jv

      Im guessing Korey G. is hosting, and it will be Danielle, Sammy and Martin.

    • Double Toasted


    • CptPeanutButter

      I rather have Mojo as a co-host, then Samantha. She was so awful yesterday, about 85% of her jokes failed. I cringe so much. The only positive thing I can say about her, is her reviews are decent. NOT GOOD but decent, but discussion and her opinions on other things, her personality period is just awful for a Co-Host. No wonder her Website flopped. YOU WILL NEVER REPLACE TOMMY OR SHIA YOU FAT FUCK. Looking forward to the show tonight tho, I wonder what crazy thing Korey was into. :)

    • kesiamonteith

      Please….PLEASE tell me you’re gonna leave room for talk of the debate on Monday, at least the highlights. I won’t be listening live, but looking forward to that podcast on soundcloud soon, yes sir. :D

    • CptPeanutButter

      Tonight show was fucking lit, best part was no Samantha.

    • Infinity Jackal

      Damn, Danielle’s almost the same shade as Korey now.

    • Skyrider

      hmm video is getting to the 42min mark then stops. Keeps happening no matter how many times i refresh

    • hardcorehenry

      Maaaan Danielle better understand this whole tanning thing ISNT good for her shes gonna be looking 60 at 35

    • Tastyfools

      Show starts at 39:00
      your wecome

    • Doc Sportello


      My fucking night has been made.

    • Twilight Ronin

      Korey, watch the whole debate and not just clips of it and you’ll see that Clinton held her own pretty good.

    • shadeybaby

      The one thing I can definitely disagree with you on Clinton is that everything she said about Trump was more or less the truth, nothing exaggerated. With Trump, you don’t have to exaggerate. He really is that much of a dickbag, Many years of failed businesses and pissed-off employees can confirm that.

    • Infinity Jackal

      The one thing I don’t like is how these guys jump on bandwagons like “If you don’t want to vote for Hilary it’s probably because you’re sexist”. She has the experience, but she’s not someone I’d personally want in office, primarily due to her admitting she’d be more hawkish than Barack, and I don’t even like Barack’s approach to these matters. Not to mention I hated Bill and his giant contributions to much of the job losses in the US and that has tainted the Clintons for me just like Bush Sr. made me despise Bushs. I’m not voting for her and I’m not voting for Trump because he’s a piece of shit. I’ve been independent for the entire time I’ve been old enough to vote anyway and I’m voting for a 3rd party candidate. Though admittedly, all the 3rd party candidates are shit as well, but hey, they won’t win and it’s more done in hopes that enough people vote 3rd party to show our disdain with the current system.

      • Soapscum

        That’s fine. You have the right to not vote or vote third party; but Clinton or Trump is going to be in the White House this January. No one else. That’s how the system works and that is probably how it will always work. And one candidate is objectively significantly better suited to be President than the other, even if she doesn’t meet your perfect criteria for a President. No one ever will, by the way. Politicians are still people, and all people have flaws Really, you sitting out the election is just saying “I accept what everyone else decides” and there is no one who will reward you for your independence from this civic duty. And if you are okay with that, more power to you. But this whole “both are equally bad” bullshit has got to stop!

        And yes, everyone should definitely watch the debate. It was not only informative and enlightening on who would make a better President, but it was actually really entertaining too.

      • Infinity Jackal

        You focused on the wrong part of what I said. I don’t want to be rewarded for being independent. I find it idiotic and an attempt at forcing people to play your game by assigning labels like “sexist” to them because they don’t vote for a woman. I won’t vote for her like I didn’t vote for Obama due to his renewing of the Patriot Act and other reasons.

        I’m not playing this game of vote for someone you don’t like or agree with because you’re sexist, racist, etc if you don’t. It’s a lame ass bully tactic.

    • datcrud

      Don’t vote 3rd party yall. There is only two candidates here. Korey don’t knock Clinton for preparing for a debate and tripping over 1 joke. We don’t need a Comedian in Chief I’m sorry. I’m not voting for her because she makes me laugh. I’m voting for her because her commitment to service. There is no choice here if you have something to lose. A lot of people cannot afford a Trump presidency. Don’t fucking play yourself.

    • April Johnson

      welcome back Coleman and Danielle – great show guys

    • Justin Perea

      Leela sounds annoying as fuck

    • RaymondKHessel

      Leela sounded salty, but I share the same sentiment as her when it comes to liking Danielle on the shows. I’m not saying Danielle is useless because she isn’t and I’m sure she has done a massive portion of work regarding marketing and social media. I just don’t enjoy her on the podcasts all that much and wish she was relegated to the Monday Show with appearances on the others where she is not on the camera or microphone for an extended period of time. She just brings the show down for me.

    • Anonynonymous

      Stop shilling, Leela.